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Sep 24, 2014
Aug 31, 2012
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Sep 24, 2014
    1. sgenn99
      that's a bummer-but as they say, taste is so subjective. i really love all those juices, but i get where you're coming from. different strokes, you know? i've been hitting the 555 exotic hard lately-i don't find it tastes like a cig, but i ordered the higher nic level, and it's got a nice, lemony finish and a great throat hit that i like a lot. as for the casablanca, i still love it...but it's not for everyone.

      we can still be friends, right?
    2. sgenn99
      Also-try the 555 exotic-wow! Nice and complex, with a lemon- a. Must try
    3. sgenn99
      yeah, i went a little juice crazy myself when i first started vaping-i have a bunch of stuff i thought would be good, but now it's at the bottom of my pile of bottles, waiting for someone to vape them. i haven't been able to get enough of casablanca, though-it's pretty much my go-to vape. subjective.
      what do you do to steep, btw? i'm kind of on the fence about the whole steeping thing. some people love to let it sit with the cap off, aerate it with a wine aerator...i'm not so sure about it. i love the taste of the juices i like right out of the mail, but they do get better as they sit in my there's that.
    4. sgenn99
      hey there,
      i was just going through a tank of casablanca, and i was wondering if you've tried it again and whether you've updated your opinion? i honestly can't get enough of the stuff, and i really do love backwoods brew's juices. i've got another 30ml bottle on the way, along with their bwb blend (the signature blend, apparently). i've tried other vendors-tons of them, and as far as tobacco based blends, bb is the top on my list. if you've found anything you like, i'd love to know-always down to try something new!
    5. sgenn99
      Hi Pete,
      Please confirm you got this reply-the mobile app is buggy at best.
      As for your question, while taste is subjective, I haven't found Casablanca to be flowery. Bakko neither. I do find sometimes out of the mail that there is a "perfumish" taste...but nothing I would say is flowery. What are you looking for as far as taste? Maybe I can suggest something. BB has yet to let me down, though. My new faves are Hunter's Blend, 555 exotic and good ol' Casablanca. All get better as time passes. I dont put too much into the steeping thing, though...just a matter of days.
      Hope I helped!
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