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Mar 27, 2014
Mar 14, 2009
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May 28, 1954 (Age: 66)

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Super Member, 66, from CHAPEL HILL NC

ECF Veteran
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Mar 27, 2014
    1. CaSHMeRe
      no worries cosican! one will be saved for ya ;) Appreciate the support!
    2. Kendra
      he's gonna make it over the weekend. I ordered all my batteries and chargers from DX, too, and that was another $70! I didn't expedite shipping though, so it may be here after the GG. :( Oh well, I need to save some money for food. lol.

      I thought I got the last one. Someone else must have canceled their order then-- i thought the next batch wouldn't be ready until August. Lucky you. I might be adding on to my atomizer purchase one day in the near future and pick up some more 901s after all. I'm starting to actually really like them again as I'm using my SD today.

      OMG-- Did I tell you I broke the switch to the SD? My husband accidentally knocked it off the counter. Well, I fixed it MYSELF!!! I went to Radio shack and got a new switch and installed the whole thing by myself and it's as good as new!
    3. Kendra
      I THINK around $140 with the currency change. I just bought the unit without batteries and without an atomizer. I actually am somewhat regretting this purchase (not enough to cancel it-- it will be shipped next week), because the 801 atomizers burn out with the 6v power, and I have lots and lots of 801 atomizers. It mgiht be suggested to use the 3.7 v AA battery if you're using an 801, in which case, it's just like an SD (which I love). With a 901 the atomizers are lasting really long-- and hte higher power burns off more of the crud that develops on the atomizer. That's one of the reasons I wanted it! But, I'm still excited to get it in the next week or so.
    4. Kendra
      One more thing-- do you mind telling me what you like about the capsules? I haven't bought the VK or the one that's similar to the VK. . . why is that a good cig?

      Thanks. I just wrote Aaron twice. Maybe you can send him a note! Thanks! What are you gonna do about your dead LV, then? Send it back? I wonder if mine is dead, too. . . I get the LED on, but nothing through my attys and I've tried about 5. It was working pretty well earlier. . . although sometimes the button wasn't sensitive enough.
    5. Kendra
      He's who you were talking about? I thought you just didn't want to say his name all those times you said "youfillintheblank". . . geesh. No kidding, now I'm going to have to see what he's got as a mod.

      MY LV is good but I'm having a problem with it. It worked great until I stuck my new atomizers on it. Then? No vapor. . . with any atomizer!

      I think there'ss omething going on and I wrote TK to get it fixed. I think the new atomizers pushed the connectoron the atty down, and they don't meet. . . I can see more threads left on the LV when I'm using the new atomizers (which work SO SO SO WELL ON EVERYHING ELSE!). So, I'll waiti to see what he said.

      Now I have to go write YOUFILLINTHEBLANKS. lol.

      I hope business picks up, cosican. . .

      I am vaping my minipipe right now (which works so well with my new atomizers) and I realized that there is nothing I must buy. Nothing. This is quite a new feeling. . . still, I have to go look up the mod you were talking about.

    6. youfillintheblank
      I'm not sure where else you get our "special" batteries. I've seen AA li-ions at one store for $20 each

      $20 for one, or $20 for 10. What's the better deal? I'll stick with dealextreme
    7. cosican
      Ted I have a brilliant idea, seeing many comments on our review, there are people who want to buy the LV, but just cant for as 1000 reasons, Maybe, considering I own 3 and have more diff mods coming in for review ( it appears, people liked my feedback and have asked that I review their product) that we/me start a
      "RENT A MOD" for a week, let them see for themselves what all the hype is and if they want to buy that one or buy one, they can, ofcourse there is a lot of silly stuff to work out, but I own so much **** already, it might be a good idea to start something very unusual??

      your thoughts I am meeting Bulldog44, late Thursday,not sure if you were able to send out the 2 901's but try to let me know, one way or the other I also see other people, have received their LV and they are bouncing off the walls, You better get yourslef ready YOU ARE BECOMING A ROCK STAR
    8. Bulldog44
      Yep I will be there. See ya then :)
    9. Bulldog44
      Sounds good to me. Let me know when and where.
    10. Bulldog44
      Yeah bud congrats. Give me a call or let me know when you want to meet up. We can possibly meet somewhere maybe we can sit outside of a Starbucks or somewhere like that.
    11. cosican
      hey, just moved back from WB and then Wilmington about 2.5 yrs back
      lived there for 4 yrs, I LOVED IT, my eldest son, still lives there and goes to UNCW for his masters. I now live in Duke Forest, an area aound or in Durham
      I have been in this area from NY for 26 yrs. Made a nice life
      Where are you from?? How long have you been vaping?? Where do you buy?? what do you buy?? and all that. I made a pal, named Bulldog44, from Raleigh and we plan on hooking up and having a vape party and learn and figure a way to buy for ourselves. Hope you could be in.
      my email is
    12. Rev. Mac
      Rev. Mac
      Hey Cosican, I read from you latest post that you are in NC. What part? I am in Wilmington.
    13. cosican
      hey just read your post to smilin on the cig how much did you pay??
      I have enough juice for a bit, as soon as all my stuff comes which I would guess in the next day I will shout, in the meantime VP is that good really???
      I saw you did not get the 2 pc, but the other item
    14. Bulldog44
      No prob bud. I got in my Vapor King from Smilin, dude I am telling you this thing rocks. Can't wait for you to try it out and give me your impression. If you are running low on juice let me know I got some you can use til yours comes in. Not a huge selection but some stuff. I can't wait to hear about your pipe and SD.
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    May 28, 1954 (Age: 66)
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