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Jul 14, 2021
Jun 19, 2010
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Chicago IL
I'll get back to you...

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Ultra Member, from Chicago IL

Verified Member ECF Veteran
cozzicon was last seen:
Jul 14, 2021
    1. B4DJ1N64N
      How are you doing? I missed your reviews, helped me a lot back in the days. Thank you sir.
    2. Skyway
      Its been awhile since I have been on ECF. I am glad to see you are still around. I miss the shows with Basil and FoV, lol.
    3. classwife
    4. potholerepairman
      Merry xmas, you old Goat.haha.
    5. nobutts1
      Hi Cozz, just wanted to say, good show, kind of went off on a rant about Ovale and Joyetech!!! Anyway, just wanted to say Thanks.
    6. nobutts1
      Hi Cozz, watched the show tonight 12/09/12, tryed to call in, but could'nt get through.. anyway.. in my research efforts, I have come to find that Ovale USA are in fact the creators of most joyetech products, including the E/Vic. Ovale (Gainsville Florida) has their product manufactured in China, (as usual, cheaper cost), it's maddening to me.. however, there is no reason to believe Ovale has the inside scoop to Joyetech, because Ovale are actually the creator of ego products to begin with. I am attempting to begin a retail store and am a freak about research.. through that mind set of mine, is how I dug deep, to find this info. It's all crazy. I am kicking back on the technology of the e-vic, e-roll, e-this, e-that, just nuts. The CE-4 clearomizer is kicking the taste far above the tanks that I am so hung up on.. I am amazed at the increase in flavor . and vape... we are all together in this new awesome sensation of no butts.. all info is important..
    7. nobutts1
      I am trying to find a way to follow you, is this how I do it? der?
    8. jcwest
      Hey cozzicon there are alot of issues i have with AEMSA and would like to voice them if you could pm me with contact info i would love to talk to you
    9. Keekers
      :laugh: your box is full! do you have my e-mail? PM me yours since I think it's illegal to post mine in a public place
    10. classwife
    11. oldbroad
      Hi Cozz, it's been a long time!Just wanted you to know that I got in on the really good deal for the Ovale EgoC kit simply cuz I watched your video about it. I had recently gotten a couple of Ego T batteries, but then I read too many negative reviews so I realized that you might have input, and I trust you ( must be those big puppy eyes)
      I had forgotten all these months about your videos and precise info. about everything e-cig. So a big THANKS!
      And I hope your Mom's doing better, and if I don't get to say it when it's closer to the date...

    12. Frankster79
      This has been resolved.
    13. ericdjobs
      Your video about counterfeit trustfire flamejacket 14500s has been a real lifesaver, thank you. I have a sinking feeling that a HUGE portion of every single 14500 flame jacket sold in the last couple of months have been counterfeit.. I have purchased a total of 10 of them now, from two different vendors (in july, mind you!) cloudsofvapor (Took them all down from site immediately, great vendor) and AltSmoke (They did the same)... every set is a blue 750mAh and green 800mAh. I think you should make the video about the protection circuit, this really needs more awareness.. I have tried making posts in vendor forums when I find the counterfeits, but they are usually met with hostility.
    14. BiggOC

      I watched you video on fake 14500 and I had recieved a few form DiggitalCigz and they were too long and didnt fit in my mods. So I contacted him asking him to check his for he too may have some fake batteries. He got back to me telling his were not fake. I didnt look at mine for they were the only one I had and didnt know about wanting to tear the jacket off. After using them all last week they were just a very poor performing battery so I took the jacket of 4 of them and found them to be fake. I wanted to contact you for you are a trusted ecig personality. I fifgured you could approach this and he would listen and you could let the community know of this. I dont care to rant about things like this, but I pride myself on honesty and appreciate it when other do the same to me. He told me he check and they were not fake so that really hits me that a small vendor would do that.
      Thank You for reading this.

    15. cozzicon
      JWebb: Thank you... looks like she is out of the woods more or less for now.
    16. JWebb
      Good luck with your mothers health, hope things get better.
    17. Stifle
      Great videos, I owe my confidence to try vaping to you and a few selected others. Thank you for all of your time and efforts!
    18. Chelseafn
      Happy New Year!!!
    19. Chalie_Champ
      where can i get the best deal on multi atty packs both reg. ego attys and LR ego attys
    20. silkakc
      I love your videos and where you dry your attys overnight- on top of your PC:)
      I am starting vaping this week. I will have 2 attys that I need to keep in perfect condition ( due to money costs) and I will be using 100 VG due to a stomach condition.
      I plan on cleaning them daily because of using VG and I will be vaping all sweet fruity/dessert flavors.
      My question is: how could I dry them overnight after a alcohol bath and have them be functional in the morning? I don't have a PC like yours:) Could I heat the oven to 200 degrees- turn it off- and put the attys on a cookie sheet and let them sit in the warmth overnight?

      I will be ordering a couple spare attys in a couple weeks. Just not now because of the initial cost. My smoking costs are dirt cheap now- only a $1 a day because I smoke the indian cigs.
      Thank you!
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    Chicago IL
    I'll get back to you...
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    Retired Musician. Retired Engineer. Now a musician again.

    Music, computers, vaping, and good books


    Just an old time vaper...
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