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Feb 27, 2011
Jun 9, 2010
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Full Member, from sc

crnnurse12 was last seen:
Feb 27, 2011
    1. sugismimi
      Hello ol friend,
      Haven't seen or heard from you in a while, hope all is well.
      Wanted to be sure and invite you to the SC Vapor's meet the 4th of December, at the roosters den in West Cola.
      hope to see you there!!
    2. crnnurse12
      Hey just typed a message to you and it disappeared...what is that about?
    3. DonnaDo
      Yup, you showed up! How are you?
    4. crnnurse12
      HEY That works pretty decent. but still love my ego too....but nice to know you can do that. may give it to my neice. she wants to start smoking ecigs
    5. DonnaDo
      :vapor:There you go. I know that it isn't a popular model, but I like the "cigarette feeling" when holding it. I get flavor, and vapor (not as much as the Ego) but enough!
    6. DonnaDo
      Hi Nancy! Ok, pretty simple to refill SE carts. Take a pin or a paperclip and gently push it through the hole at the top of the mouthpiece. A small, plastic white cup will pop down. Just drip about 4-5 drops into the cup and onto the filler. Soak it well until you see the top look "juicy." Here's a link to a video that I found demonstrating the above. YouTube - REFILLING A CARTRIDGE OF E-CIG RN4081
    7. 5th Element
      5th Element
      hi. what were we talking aboubt. my tasty vapor stuff?? it 24??
    8. DonnaDo
      I too started with a Smoking Everywhere ecig and I'm now almost 10 weeks into a quit. I am also a nurse. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Most of these folks are sending you to Cignot and that is a good referral if you want to go with a different model. However, I can talk you through using your SE model for the moment to start to reach your quit goal. I now have a Joye Ego (from Cignot) and I use it at home. However, I use my SE model out a lot. If you aren't able to PM due to your new status you can email me. I'll answer
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