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Oct 21, 2018 at 11:44 PM
Mar 20, 2011
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October 14
San Antonio, TX

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Dancing in the Chaos, from San Antonio, TX

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It's the little things that count. Honor the little things! Aug 18, 2015

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Oct 21, 2018 at 11:44 PM
    1. IMRs
    2. DancingHeretik
      It's only the new 20 watt, 30 watt, etc. Those are the only vv/vw known to have trouble with lower voltages/wattages. Any of the other vv/vw works fine at ALL levels.

      I've found that some of my toppers are way too hot at a standard 3.7 V. But, the Twist goes down low enough for anything.

      I know I shouldn't have ordered the iStick. I may not get a lot of use from it. But, it's SO CUTE that I was willing to pay the $32 to give it a try anyway.

      I have a hard time resisting cute. I was also thinking of buying a couple of these for stealth vaping.
    3. IMRs
      I'd say right around 6. I never go into wattage mode, but it's probably safe to say that I'm right around that wattage most of the time. I guess this is looking grim after all for me? :confused: I'm not at all familiar with box mods. I thought that they worked just like other mods, but I am a little confused with the 20 watt rating on it. Can't you just turn it down if it is running too hot? :unsure:
    4. IMRs
      Hello DH. Okay, you really got me thinking about this iStick. I have to stay out of here or I'm going to go bankrupt. :facepalm::laugh:
      Well, just for near future reference, where did you do your pre-order? I will have the itch until I buy it, but for tonight, I'm just going to sleep on it. Tomorrow's a different day. Thanks much for bringing it up though, I think I could really use this because, obviously the Hybris or anything like that in your pocket is kind of awkward, even though I got used to it. Have a wonderful night! :)
    5. zoiDman
      e is about the Coolest Number there is.

      Pie get's all the Headlines, and it is a Vastly Important Fundamental Number, but e is the Unsung Player in my Book.

      The concept that d/dx e^x = e^x is one of those things that when you First see it you say, hummmm, that's kinda Neat. That the Rate of Change of the Function Is the Function for all points in It's Domain. But the more you see it, the more you Understand that it Explains Many things.

      Couple that with the Relations with it's Inverse Function Ln(x), ie y = Ln(x) <=> e^y = x and you have a Very Powerful tool for Integration.

      And d/dx ln(x) = 1/x which you seein All Kinds of things like Harmonics, Wave Theory, Decay, etc.

      Like I said, e is just a Damn Cool Number.

    6. zoiDman
      Hi DancingHeretik. I like your Avatar.

      Here is one of my Favorite Limits....

    7. dragonbone
    8. DancingHeretik
      No, I didn't get the eRoll because my daughter said she'ld prefer to use my SI Volts instead. She's trying those right now.

      But, as I'm watching how she uses (or rather doesn't use) the Volts, I'm starting to think I may just get the eRoll after all. I like the Volts. They're small and fun. But, the eRoll really does seem like it would FEEL more like smoking for someone like Melinda who still smokes.

      She really, really wants to quit. Are they having any co-ops for the eRoll? I think I'll go look now.
    9. dragonbone
      The clearos are nice. However of the two I got in the kit, one atty didn't work and the other one leaks a bit from the bottom. I guess I am a bit spoilt with the Vivi Novas and Mini Vivi Novas that don't leak. But maybe it's just my bad luck, since other people seem to love them. Go and ask there on the co-op thread what other people think of them.
      The black one has a Matt feel to it, something like the old Nokia cell phones from long ago... or something like that, lol... The Metal ones I suppose are smooth brushed metal. Actually, I only got the black because that was the only option when I got mine.
      Btw, did you get the eRoll for your daughter for Christmas?
    10. dragonbone
      Hey Dancing :)! I LOVE my MVP! Even with all my many ecigs, it is the one I use the most and always have in my bag when out. It is a real solid piece of equipment! Not only that - it goes for DAYS without needing to be charged, and one can can charge other devices, phones other ecigs etc. in a pinch.
      In my going out bag, I always carry the MVP charger in a special little baggy. Actually I bought a spare charger cable to keep in my bag (and the other one is where all my other ecig stuff goes). Because it would be a real bummer if you needed the power pack function, but you forgot the cable at home!
      If you have the cash to spare, and don't mind the boxy shape of it, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. It's a bit heavy, but has a nice solid feel. Not only do you have a useful power pack for emergencies, but a solid made ecig from a reputable ecig company too.
      I saw that they were running a new Co-op. not sure if that is finished yet?
      Hope this helps... :p.
    11. dragonbone
    12. dragonbone
      Hey Dancing! Sorry to hear that! Hope you all get well soon! Terrible that ou have to go out and work when you have the flu! Gee! Don't forget to get tons of Vitamin C and fluids.
      I'm thinking about you!
    13. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Thanks for the like.
    14. dragonbone
      Thanks Dancing... I missed your second message. Yes, when we got him, his hair and beard was so long and wild, that he looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter lol.
      So how are you? Getting geared up for the festive season?
    15. dragonbone
      Hehe, I feel a lot better now! I am not alone :D!!!!
    16. dragonbone
      Lol, so I'm not the only one who has to carry a lot of vape gear. So how many do you take with you to work (or whatever)?
    17. dragonbone
      Lol! Thanks for letting me know. Where are we supposed to go? Vet's Party Thread?
    18. DancingHeretik
      Oops! Messaged myself!
    19. Glam
      Hi....saw your "likes" on the Vet's Party Thread. Thanks.....please feel free to join us. Not too many post there...we really welcome new posters. Would liven the place up.....and bring dragonbone with you. I've seen her around the forum also. We would really love to have you and dragonbone both. [​IMG]

      :) Gram
    20. dragonbone
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