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Apr 12, 2013
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New Jersey
Software engineer

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ECF DIY E-Liquid Guru, Male, from New Jersey

Verified Member ECF Veteran

Resident ECF E-Liquid DYI Guru Aug 11, 2016

    1. bloodonbass
      Hello Danny, I'm a fan of TA Rustica, but was just informed that it's no longer going to be available from Samara Botanical. I was wondering, because I know you're a tobacco fan, do you know of any other source for TA Rustica? Just wondering, and will appreciate any feed back you might be able to provide. Thanks man.
    2. dannyv45
      Resident ECF E-Liquid DYI Guru
    3. Mark Pregmon
      Mark Pregmon
      Hey there my friend. I bought predeluted nicotine 3mg-ml. What value do I put in for the calculator. I've tried 3 and I want 3mg and kicks back saying can't computer. Any help thanks...
    4. Noah Whittington
      Noah Whittington
      You sent me this link a while back: Tobacco extraction using heated Ethanol

      It's about making ever clear tobacco extract.

      Question: I can not legally buy the 190 proof or 151 here sense 2010 where I live. I'm hesitating to use vodka because there's a lot of water content in it that will be left over after evaporation.

      What do I do?
    5. BrotherBob
      Question if you please. What is the main downside of mixing with a scale other than:
      Easier to lose track of (where in) mix if interrupted, like forgetting to Tare?
    6. matthew707
      I bought some 13ml flavoring from bull city and some say it's concitrated and to dilute do I do this and doesn't it get diluted when I make my juices?
      I typically like a 20% flavoring but does this mean dilute flavoring before I add my 20%.
    7. jlynn477
      I've been reading the TA thread and in order to dilute you use pga
      I'm 10 years sober in August and was wondering if there was another way to delute it
    8. dannyv45
      ECF E-Liquid DIY Guru
    9. dannyv45
      ECF E-Liquid DYI Guru
    10. dannyv45
      Alive and kicking
      1. Exchaner likes this.
    11. Tinnman
      Thanks for your help wth my TA...much appreciated. I was reading a hangsen thread and you stated you stated you buy your caramel 'the best you've' had from a little unknown brick 'n morter...can I ask who it's from??? Tinnman
    12. bcollier9253
      Hey Danny! You seem to be quite knowledgeable in this DIY stuff so I figured I'd pick your brain. Let me ask if this is right: I have got some nic ordered from WL on the way, if I take the 250ml of 100mg/100%pg and cut it with 250ml of VG Would I end up with 500 ml of 50mg 50Pg/50VG??
      And from there I could go either way with the final ratios of PG/VG, correct?
      1. DennisBoyd123 likes this.
    13. Jazzi Mike
      Jazzi Mike
      Hey I have some MT3s I am not using. I could sell them
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    New Jersey
    Software engineer
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