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Mar 13, 2017
Feb 3, 2011
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March 17
Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree California

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Super Member, Female, from Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree California

Verified Member ECF Veteran

Anyone home? Guess I better get off my rear and take care of all the stuff piling up before I get sucked into the computer :) Miss you Mar 13, 2017

Dark.Angel was last seen:
Mar 13, 2017
    1. Dark.Angel
      Anyone home? Guess I better get off my rear and take care of all the stuff piling up before I get sucked into the computer :) Miss you
    2. Dark.Angel
      "You're traveling to another dimension...a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind
    3. Dark.Angel
      a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop: The Domestic Chores Zone."
    4. hairball
    5. keelalagirl55
      keelalagirl55 do live!!!! So so so very good to see you darlin {{{{Huggles}}}}
      1. Dark.Angel likes this.
    6. cactusgirl
    7. ZooKansas
      Hello DarkAngel...hope all is well with ya.
    8. keelalagirl55
      You pop in once, and then leave again:( Hope all is still going good for you girl! We do miss ya....ain't the same without our dear DA:cry:
    9. Skypea
      Hello it's Sky from vapetalk. Saw a post of yours and I was like "i know her" lol add me as a friend. XD
    10. Lauralie
      Hey lady.....where are you? Have you been doing ok? Miss you!
    11. pixproff
      So where have you been. Is everything ok? Have not seen you on lately.
    12. pineappledan
    13. keelalagirl55
      Hey Darlin!

      Where have ya been hidin?
    14. Lauralie
      Good morning!!!!! :)
    15. Lauralie
      I guess I don't understand your situation - who did you have to Lie to?

      As far as post offices - they are a joke. Some of the employees are great but some of them know they can't be fired because of grievences. i was waiting on a package and I was home Saturday. Got an email that they attempted delivery but no one was here but that they left a notice (little card so I could write on it saying it was ok to leave without signing) so I made arrangements early this morning to have them keep it at the post office and the lady was actually nice enough to tell me to come on her lunch hour, she would let me in. Then i get there and she felt horrible because it didn't even need a signature so she wasn't sure why the carrier didn't leave it Saturday.
    16. Lauralie
      Did you ever get your E-Power?
    17. Lauralie
      That's ok...not much to stalk LOL! Just a 42 year mom that works and plays on ECF. Cleaning house and doing laundry today.....argh. Someone's got to do it though:)

      I told my daughter (8) that we had to clean the house today. This morning I was sitting in the office looking at ECF, believe it or not, I know right. Anyway I saw her run by the door and go outside real quick...thought she was being sneaky. But you know what - it is easier to clean house when noone is in it and I would rather her be outside playing than watching tv or playing video games!
    18. Lauralie
      Good morning DA!
    19. Dark.Angel
      I want to say THANK YOU to the mystery person in Florida who sent me samples of juice. I had just used up what I had when my friend told me I had a package, hum I wasn't expecting anything:unsure:. We went for coffee that night and I opened my package and there were a bunch of samples of juice.:) I was really moved by such a sweet gesture.:nun: I'm a package person myself I love sending things to people unexpectedly just to let them know I care, and now I know from the other end just how moving it is receiving one myself knowing someone out there cared for me. :blush:You might have sent juice but I received far more.....Thank You Mystery Loug or L. bug
    20. Dark.Angel
      On a need to know basis
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    March 17
    Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree California


    Quit smoking on January 15th, 2011. Saved: My life...Priceless. 5300 + chemicals Avoided.
    "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear
    and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown".:evil:
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