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Mar 10, 2022
Jan 14, 2013
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March 12
In a van ............down by the river
Perpetually Unemployed

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Ultra Member, from In a van ............down by the river

Verified Member ECF Veteran
daventura was last seen:
Mar 10, 2022
    1. beckyblue
      I'm so happy you got the job :toast:!!!
    2. beckyblue
    3. LadyVaper
      You changed your avatar... NICE pic
    4. beckyblue
    5. Crazyinariz
      Yup. I 'like' the songs/bands that I like.
    6. beckyblue
      David, I'm not just saying this (never do with music;)) -- the Tangerine Dream really is growing on me a lot. The key is relaxation, I think. The little hamster wheel in my head tends to go a bit more than I wish it would: but, with a little melatonin, I'm getting it:D.
    7. budynbuick
      My Grandpa smoked 6 PaD & cut his leg @ 93 YO & was forced to go to emergency was admitted,caught a staph infect & died (in the hospital)from it. Their contention was that if he didn't smoke the staph would not have killed him. I contended that if he didn't go to the hospital,he would not have contracted staph. BTW,he also drank a half pint of whiskey a day LOL. That was in 75. Later
    8. beckyblue
      " must be a coffee drinker"
      ...understatement of the year. :toast:, David!
    9. beckyblue
      Can I get a ba-dum-bum from Doc and the Band?
    10. beckyblue
      What's your bigger addiction, nicotine or Tangerine Dream:p?!
    11. 73ckn797
      Cool. I have been spending several weeks on ECF and have only started asking for friends for a couple of days. Welcome to the neighborhood.
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    March 12
    In a van ............down by the river
    Perpetually Unemployed
    My real name is David, feel free to call me David.
    I was raised in Ventura, when I first got a computer, I was David from Ventura, shortened to daventura.
    I've always been daventura, except for that time I lived in Reno, then I was davereno.
    I guess d'aventura means adventure in Spain or something.


    "Find out what it is in life that you don't do well, and then don't do that thing."
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