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Dec 15, 2018 at 1:16 PM
May 22, 2010
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Central GA
Retired! Xerox Senior Customer Service Engineer

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PV Master & Musician, Male, from Central GA

ECF Veteran
DaveP was last seen:
Viewing thread Am I doing something wrong?, Dec 15, 2018 at 1:16 PM
    1. aLyr
      Hello DaveP,

      in one of your last posts, you used 'WAG', which I think is an acronym, but I do not understand it.
      Looking it up, I only find things about dogs and their tails. But this cannot be it.

      I am German, thus I cannot understand this acronym.
      Could you please explain to me what you meant with 'WAG'?

      1. DaveP
        WAG is an acronym for "Wild ... Guess". :}
        Dec 9, 2018 at 3:20 PM
    2. yardbyrd
      There is the sound of gentle guitar strumming...sounds like...Peter Paul and Mary "If I Had A Hammer" and suddenly YardByrd is floating down from above, wings spread wide, talons closed tight, and legs pulled up against his body. He drifts down and his ever faithful, plain brown wooden perch, with a bevel cut on one edge, appears and he lights on it gingerly. The platinum "YB" medallion around his neck is glowing a pronounced rose color and you hear a deep, smooth, male, Latin, voice translating for him:

      "Hail, lauds and greetings DaveP! I had to flyby and say how happy I was to get to meet you in person last Saturday! I also failed to mention that I play the guitar; who knows maybe I'll pick up my acoustic after these many years of not playing. I hope I'll meet you again sometime soon. CAW!"

      There is a loud pop and suddenly YardByrd, and his perch, have vanished.
    3. beckyblue
      Beautiful guitar! Had to add the forum's "resident musician" as a friend -- I'm even more obsessed with guitars than I am with this much newer hobby:toast:!
    4. Mac
      Pm sent to answer your warranty question :)
    5. Black Strat
      Black Strat
      Ah, a picture of the "guitar family". I have done that from time to time. Awesome!
    6. Mr.Mann
      I am with no one but other vapers! Thanks for the kind words, and for that instant classic of a post! Not with BWB, but sure do vape a lot of it!LOL
    7. DaveP
      I'll be looking forward to getting it and thanks for your decision. Are you with Backwoods Brew? I wasn't sure which supplier you were associated with.

      I like the thread. It's a good venue for expressing our thoughts on vaping and juices.
    8. Mr.Mann
      Okay, package should be there on Monday! Let me know when you get it, okay?

      p.s. I can do this all day! I really like how that thread gives us all more "talking points" when trying to explain to a layman.
    9. Mr.Mann
      Never mind...How's it going?
    10. DaveP
      I've collected those over a number of years. It's funny though, you get attached to the one you like best and the rest only get played here and there. I swap around on the gig, but mainly stick to the flametop because seems to fit better than the rest. I played the 79 strat from about 1980 until the mid 90s and got attached to the Wine Red Gibson LP. I played it up until about 5 years ago and picked up the flametop then. A couple of years ago I bought the Goldtop. The bass I bought from our bass player so he could get a Fender Precision.
    11. Xenos
      Three Les Pauls and a Strat. NICE.

      LOVE the deep purple/black cherry whatever the name of that colour is on the one Les...

      My main studio axe is a 1960s-Era Vox Bulldog electric. It's nice!

      I'm HOPING to snag me an SG real soon...
    12. DaveP
      Actually, it's an Epiphone '56 Goldtop reissue. I like the P90s and I play that one occasionally. My favorite is an Epi LP Custom Flametop that I put Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers on. It has no shine in the big picture, but the small one below shows off the gloss!


      1. Mowgli likes this.
    13. Xenos
      Ok, your avatar caught my eye-Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with P90s, yes?

      I myself have always been more of an Ibanez man, but my da just picked up a Les Paul Studio Mahogany, and it is AMAZING!
      1. DaveP likes this.
    14. suddenly
      You don't know how much better I feel today!

    15. Balthezar
    16. wv2win
      Thanks for the "like", Dave. Much appreciated.
    17. Balthezar
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
    18. Balthezar
      Thanks Dave for the reply.
      I'm just south of the airport. When I start the thread next week, (that should give everyone enough time to respond and comment) we will all be able to discuss where the best location is and hopefully can find a suitable location, and everyone will be able to get there. I don't drive, so I'm kind of dependent on a ride, but we shall see what happens.
    19. Balthezar
      Hi Dave. Nice to see another Georgian here. I'm trying to get a few of us together after the holidays, and will start a thread next week so we can work it out. If your interested send me a message and I'll let you know where I post it when I do.
      Happy Thanksgiving.
    20. chatter97
      What part of GA are you from and is that Lanier or Altoona in you pict? Probably the ocean way too blue for either!!!
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    Central GA
    Retired! Xerox Senior Customer Service Engineer
    Graduate Macon State College - Computer Science
    Graduate Central GA Technical College - Cisco Network Specialist
    Graduate Cleveland Institute of Technology - Electronics Technology

    Hobbies - Guitar playing, woodworking, computers

    Retired Field Service Engineer - Xerox Corporation


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