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May 30, 2019
Jul 22, 2011
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Super Member, from USA

ECF Veteran
DawnBella was last seen:
May 30, 2019
    1. JustaGuy
      Hi Dawn!! Been a long time. How have you been!! Nice avatar pic. ;)
    2. RB37
      Hi, wow this is old, sorry, I haven't visited this page in a long time. Sorry but I have no clue what they use.
    3. DawnBella
      * I meant ECX as in ecigexpress
    4. DawnBella
      Dekang RY4 for EXC. Nice and all but just too sweet for my taste. My new mix is Dekang USA-MIX VG with this:

      This is very peppery and it's what comes in their X3 carts. It's grown on me. It's one of those, "wow you can feel it" type liquids. The USA-MIX mixed with it, mellows the peppery taste down and it's really nice now. Kinda just taste like a cig. Go figure LOL Not my epuffer flavor but I gave up on that and their carts because of it.
    5. DawnBella
      Nope not yet. I just bought ry4 as well. Never tried it before... plus my carts in sale. AZSmoke free is deff Dekang.
    6. capnbang
      What up DB?I just ordered some Dekang RY4 from ecigexpress.Then I saw your post about not being sure if its legit.Just wondering if you got yours yet and if you think its the real deal?TIA.
    7. JustaGuy
      No, never tried High Cal. I stopped after JC, AVE, TV, FSUSA, and Dekang, about 30 tobacco flavors. I realized there are way more flavors than I have money. I only wanted tobacco flavors and each juice house seems to make a family of juices, all taste alike. USA Mix came in the cart with my 510 kit. I couldn't stand it, went away...and missed it bad a month later. Now, it's my main thing. But I can't handle vaping it all day either, so mix some TAB and other "concoctions" in the routine.

      I don't think a vaper exists who vapes only 1 flavor. The taste buds complain. Are you saying you're missing peppery stuff like the FSUSA stuff? No...
    8. DawnBella
      Kinda bored of the taste already though. Funny now I am starting to like this peppery tobacco that comes in the X3 carts. I may try HIGH CALIBER RED & WHITE. Have you?
    9. JustaGuy
      Saw your in post you liked USA Mix, great! You're halfway there. Hope ecigexpress works out...
    10. DawnBella
      Yeah not sure if their stuff is Dekang. Firs liquids order from them so I have yet to see the bottle. I get our Dekang from AZSmokeFree and it's deff dekang.

      Exigexpress sells that X3 and that is the same as the Colibri as far as size and etc. They want to start selling full kits so they ask me to test ;-)
    11. JustaGuy
      Sounds like USA Mix isn't it, too bad. However, those ecigexpress bottles don't look right. They could get it in bulk & rebottle, have it "customized" or? Anybody can call a juice USA Mix, Turkish, etc. When I got my 510 Kit from Cignot, the USA Mix in the bottle that came with and in the carts were the same, and same as what I got direct from Dekang.

      Free stuff? How did you swing that? Kimree sounds Korean, nothing wrong with that, about time they get in the act too.

      Yeah, we'll call you Colibri Girl from now on. :laugh:
    12. DawnBella
      I just ordered USA MIX and a Premium Tobacco that has a chocolate under tone from ecigexpress. Kinda of cool - since I am the epuffer expert LOL they are sending me a free X3 PCC kit because they want me to beta test it compared to the Colibri. The batts and carts are the same. I mean, they are the same size and fit each other but the epuffer stuff is a better quailty. I use the X3 carts too but MAJOR pepper.

      Here's the X3
      Flavor Concentrates | Flavor Jungle

      Pepper LOL carts
      Flavor Concentrates | Flavor Jungle

      It's all made by Kimree.
    13. JustaGuy
      Ha, just saw your response to my "dumb idea", msgs got crossed. :) Don't feel bad, I wasted money on SafeCig, V2 and $180 of prefilled cartos, the first $400 and 2 months of my vaping career, before settling on a routine. All's well now. Finding the right juice(s) is much, much harder than hardware.
    14. JustaGuy
      Sorry, I didn't get notified you had responded here, only get note if someone PMs or puts Visitor Msg on my page. It sounds like Colibri is working for you, great! I got 1 hr on the 510 and 2 hrs on 808s, but I got lazy, so am using Rivas 750 mAh now.

      Don't recall reading in your thread, but have you vaped USA Mix? It and "tobacco" are the most common cart stuffers. Dekang also has a "Deluxe" and a "Concentrated" flavor according to USA Mix E liquid - Dekang Biotechnoly Co., Ltd, but don't know where you get it in the US.
    15. DawnBella
      yes 7.4 mm. The exact size of a real cig and the batt is powerful. Tons of vapor. 7 second cut off.
    16. DawnBella
      Yep. Read that thread a zillion times. It's old. They sell blanks now. I used the E9 style and the KR808 style and the E8 style and the 501, etc in the past. NOTHING is as good as this kit. It is so light you can puff with no hands like a real cig, The batt last about an hour of nonstop vaping but only takes 45 mins to charge. That's a much better then waiting 4 hours for thoses big E9 junky things.
    17. JustaGuy
      Checked out the ePuffer Colibri, also found a lengthy discussion earlier on ECF

      It's a mini e-cig, real size as you say, 74 mm? ePuffer prices are high, but if you love it, great. I got tired of charging batts, so I'm using bigger batts. Don't take some of those comments in the above thread personally, some folks have strong opinions. Hopefully, this gives you more info on the Colibri. :)
    18. DawnBella
    19. JustaGuy
      OK, dumb idea - how about a new thread titled "Need to find ePuffer Colibri cart Premium Tobacco Flavor" and post that in BOTH General and Juice forums? Desperate, yes, effective, maybe. I'll check out Colibri & get back to you, pardon my ignorance.
    20. JustaGuy
      Hi 'buddy'! A privilege. :)

      Hope you find that elusive, mystery day. I know it can be frustrating. The same happened to me, sample of USA Mix of all things. You'd think it'd be piece of cake? I bought 50 ml bottles from 3 vendors, all fake Dekang! But I've got a liter jug of it in the frig now...straight from Dekang. :laugh:
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