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May 8, 2010
Nov 8, 2009
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deitra was last seen:
May 8, 2010
    1. deitra
      I tried to purchase a MOD earlier. My post was one minute b4 other post. I lost. This really hurt me. Why would someone post a FS and then give it to someone that posted ONE minute after I did? I am wounded, I hope they realize what they did and try not to ruin someone else's day in this matter. Read blow and u will know who it was.
    2. WhatAClumsyGirl
      native here girly....grew up here :)
    3. deitra
      Thank you, it makes sense. I will attempt this next week, trying to get my garden all planted by Monday.

      Can't wait for some really good tomatoes.
    4. Rocketman

      If there is a center hole from the back side then a piece of solid copper wire like a short piece from the stuff used for house wiring) can be sanded/filed to a point, tinned with solder and pushed into the center hole. Proper tapering and shaping of the wire would allow if to be pushed into the hole.

      If you are "good" at soldering, then put an atty on the connector and solder the little piece of wire to the center conductor. The atty will absorb some of the heat and protect the insulator some.

      I did one once with the copper wire and filed it down so it went all the way through the center pin and I could pull on it a little with needle nose pliers to get it in tight.
      Then cut it off flush.

      let me know if this makes sense and if we need to analyze it more.

    5. Lightgeoduck
      its still not to late :D ;)
    6. deitra
      Its all good baby. It's cool if I am not in the drawing. I really don't mind not being in the run.

      I appreciate your trying to help me. Very nice of U!

      Good luck on your trial runs without the nic monkey. LOL

      Life is always amusing if nothing else.

    7. Lightgeoduck
      Thank you for the compliment ... just remember for your entry to count you must put "A BSB giveaway? Boy, Lightgeoduck is AWESOME!" in your signature block :D :D
    8. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Come post with us in the Women's Room! The Women's Room Click and join, then leave that page and enter the women's room from the front page in Social groups..we would enjoy having you post with us! Mary Kay
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