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Feb 26, 2015
Sep 21, 2011
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Super Member, from Indiana

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Feb 26, 2015
    1. indianajames
      Right on. Thanks. :)
    2. Hoosier
      They left him hanging and then blew him off when he requested help. He said something along the lines of, "Is this how you want to treat me." and got an affirmative answer from one of the guys. He then whipped out his business cards and loudly announced that he could hook anyone up with a new kit just like the ones in the display case for less than half of what the price was there.

      They kicked him out after everyone took his cards and left the store and banned him.

      He was just trying to get some juice to hold him over.
      I'm sure they did not expect to piss him off that much, or that he would act so aggresively, but since I know him real well, it was what i would expect of him. Also, since there was some relationship with him and at least one of the guys there before they ever opened the shop, that person should have known that blowing him off was something he couldn't let stand.
    3. Hoosier
      Nope, ECF folks are throwing the the meet-up I'm talking about and it's on a Sat.

      I haven't been to K.P.V. since they banned my oldest son from entering. (That's an amusing story heard best from my boy's own mouth.) ((And it doesn't seem to matter that my "boy" is in his middle 20's as I will always call him my boy.))
    4. Hoosier
      Yep, you have 6 to go by my reckonin'. Don't forget that in 10 days there is a meet-up in Rossville. (The post title may say 1/14/2011, but it is for 2012. Typos....)
    5. Hoosier
      Try the "Settings" near the top right. You will see "Edit Signature" in a column on the left side under the heading My Settings after clicking Settings.

      You will see a box to paste the URL of your quit banner there, or upload one you made on your computer under the heading "Signature Picture". (I just do the URL type as I am not a graphics guy.) Hit Upload and then click Preview to check out how it looks.
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