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Feb 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012
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August 20

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Senior Member, from hartlepool

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Feb 26, 2012
    1. starbright
      Did you ever sort your problem. I have IBS and have the same reaction to ejuice
    2. 100%VG

      I saw your comments and concerns in "A bit of info i found" wrt PG & Nickel. Someone said you're "screwed" wrt to E-Cigs because of NiChrome Wire Coils.

      That Thread is apparently Locked, so I could not post a reply there.

      I'd say, this depends on the Coils. NiChrome is commonly used in products from China and the UK, but people who wrap their own coils (in rebuilding an Atomizer) in the USA are using Kanthal A-1 wire, which has a different construction...

      Kanthal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      If you're into DIY stuff, Kanthal could be your solution. There are many good procedures in Videos on YouTube. You could probably find a Video specifically on your Atomizer. If you are using Cartomizers, maybe you could find a USA-Made product built with Kanthal... like these by Super-T Accessories

      Hope this helps :2cool:

    3. VapeMeStoopid
      hi there, sorry for getting back to you so late, had some sickness throughout the house. I keep my juice in a lock box, not the fridge, but i have heard others say keeping it in the fridge is a good idea, others have said its made their juice go funny. Just remember heat deteriorates the nicotine! I am glad you like the orange and peanut :) Ill be ordering some Banana Cream in the next day or two :)
    4. VapeMeStoopid
      ps have you registered at yet?
    5. VapeMeStoopid
      How are you vaping it, in the carto? Make sure you shake it up really well...also try steeping it for a week or two and come back to it, or pop a couple drops of something a little sweeter into it. I havent tried the peanut butter yet :) The orange creamsicle, you should like if you like sweet oranges and cream. I REALLY REALLY like that one!
    6. VapeMeStoopid
      Really you don't like it? *gutted* but i didnt like it either, I had to mix my Turk with Golden Birginia to make it vapable for me, but I like the sweet stuff. my husband loves it, Maxiboro might be a better option for you, what is it you dont like it? Yep yep, you can leave the carto on, I never take mine off of my batt.
    7. VapeMeStoopid
      Hiya hon, its the USB charger for the Performance Battery Performance/Professional USB Charger if you got the 900mah batt :) I have my charger plugged into the my xbox haha. And yep I will be here, if you have yahoo messenger, feel free to im me on there as mylikeicarelookbroke

      Dominic is a top guy I have been talking to him every day since my first order. He's got his head on right about this vaping thing :)
    8. TopCookie
      Greetings doglover... :) You will love Liberty Flights mate... come and join the forum there too...
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    walking my dogs and reading
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