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Apr 30, 2015
Feb 26, 2009
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Vaping Master, from WI, USA

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Apr 30, 2015
    1. dedi
      Okeydoke Mark! yeahhhhhhhh finally got an order to go through today #276859 What a headache you guy's must have had.........just FYI it did even take a while and several tries today so must be something still glitchy happening. Thx Dee
    2. dinapal
      Order 186493 is wrong - I can't get anyone to respond to 2 support tickets entered
    3. jordonm41
      Hello I am interested in starting home vaping parties do you have a wholesellers program?
    4. Lmaiuri
      I bet you get tons of posts and I see some are not nice. Just let me say I love my vapor4life and it's customer suppost is fantastic!!
    5. Lmaiuri
      Lmaiuri you know if the Diamond Series arrives in it's own little felt pouch? My first one did and my girfriend loved it so much I ordered her one. I had to order myself another one also because I lost mine that day. I placed a huge order and when our Diamond Series arrived, they didn't have the pouches with them. She and I were so disappointed, so I called customer service. They said they would send them right out. I hope they come because that pouch was what I loved the most besides the diamond LCD. I ordered the necklace but really like the felt bag so they don't get scratched up.
    6. aubergine
      Hiyas, you- I rcv'd an empty envelope at the PO today - looks to me like it was slit straight across top, but postmistress says "machinery". I sent a ticket to V4L customer support; as I'm in NY in a very small town and legislation here is doing it's yearly ban dance I'm sort of hesitant to contact postal service... paranoid, uh huh. :( What should I do, dya think? Was order #133868 - this msg is just a backup. Four blingbatts , big sale!! First late delivery EVER from V4L... hm. : (
    7. COBRA 261
      COBRA 261
      Nevermind, I was able to contact them & add an item to my order. Thanks.
    8. COBRA 261
      COBRA 261
      Are you with the Vapor4life company? I have questions about the order I placed last night.
    9. mi528hz
      If this Fanboy crap is what you appreciate then I am glad I made up my made up my mind not to order from you again. Not a way to treat new customers. You did lie to me by saying you sent it out on Tuesday. You gave me the tracking number and it say's you sent it on Friday 4 days later. I did not get what I paid for but, you appreciate this dude calling me a complainer.

      "Chad is all over this, and it's getting handled tomorrow first thing. I'm closing this one down, no need for any more arguments. I appreciate the support sooperdrave though" [​IMG]
    10. SunmanX
      wrong place...oops
    11. valentine92

      I just received my order today. Order # 79478.

      The Premium CoolCarts Vapor King Blanks do not fit the new batteries that I just got with the order. Can you please look into this? I cannot use them, I only have one old battery left that did not die and I am in desperate need of blank carts that will fit the new Vapor King Batteries that I just ordered. Thanks
    12. krazie_Kid
      Hey I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU for getting WOWboy in, and in time for the sale. I am so happy that it got in.
    13. bigjr
      hi i had a problem with a new battery i got on monday i ordered some juice tonight and put it in the comments section about my battery is that the best way to do it? i dont have acesses to my email here at home silly i know let me know thanks
    14. jude8753
      I really need your help. My CC was double charged by V4L and I really need to get that money back into my account ASAP. I sent an e-mail, but it said it could be as long as 24 hours before answered. I also left a comment in the forum. I couldn't find a phone number otherwise I would have been on the phone. Please take care of this for me. Thanks...Jude CustomerID# 17817/order number is 61407
    15. TheTout
      Mark, one of the guys that buys from me alot is ordering tonight or tomorrow his address is in dearborn michigan could you please give him a free sample of wow boy, my husband smoked (took) the one I had and I really think he will like it.
    16. krazie_Kid
      Hey Mark, just wanted to say great job on the WOWboy, my Smilin has taken a tie with it. Kinda sad tho, smilin was my favorite!
    17. rob87
      mark,posted a question on the v4life website.anyway my pcc is not working only after a few days.when you tilt the battery connector up or down the red light comes on even when there is no battery, if you leave it half way up the light goes off,again even with or without a batt.
      can you help as i have found it to be very useful.(order number is 52683)
      thanks rob
    18. dreamchildwest
      Mark! Please disregard the message I sent at 9:44 a.m. ET. I just went back to order and the site was working fine. Sorry for the bother. AND THANKS FOR THIS GREAT SALE!
    19. dreamchildwest
      Hey Mark! It's Friday, June 11 and I'm ready to celebrate Steve's 21st anniversary! However, I can't get into the site...and I visit it almost daily! Just wanted to give you a heads up.

      Thanks for all you do for all of us! I'm 7 months cig-free and so HAPPY!
      Suzanne Brooks
      Fort Lauderdale
    20. Brooke1975
      Hi Mark! I had posted in the forum about Cowboy menthol. Looking at the cartos and it says only available in 0 or 4 nic level. Steve replied to PM you for an update, he said that all are in stock. Can ya help a girl out? Thanks so much! :)
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