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Feb 20, 2016
Jun 5, 2009
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Jan 20, 1946 (Age: 76)
Home Page:
South Florida
Retired management trainer and author. Goal: Make

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Reviewer / Blogger, 76, from South Florida

ECF Veteran
DonDaBoomVape was last seen:
Feb 20, 2016
    1. jdg
      Don, looks like you must have had a birthday recently, and I hope it was a happy one! I'm in an ecig upgrade phase, and whenever I do this, I always think of you--your posts were absolutely indispensable for me in the "bad old days" of the itty bitty batteries strapped onto atomizers, modded with blue foam or plastic straws..
    2. classwife
    3. spacekitty
      I was just thinking about that insane Video contest back in 2011 and was wondering how you are doing??
      (I could have sworn I was on your friends list...)

      I hope all is well... :wub:
    4. classwife
    5. jdg
      Hi Don,
      I just wanted to drop you a quick note to wish you well. I was most active on the forum in 2010 and early 2011, when your knowledge, wit, and style were the best on ECF.
      I've been an avid vaper now since December 2009, and I'm still puffing on the eGo with an LR 306 (preferred) or LR 510, and a recent trip to the South, where vaping is apparently a big thing, got me interested in upgrading to an APV; hence, my appearance on ECF. And while I'm here, I couldn't leave without wishing you well. Here's to you, Mr. DaBoomVape!
    6. classwife
    7. classwife
    8. Bovinia
    9. Grammie
    10. classwife
    11. classwife
    12. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Was reading your The Wonderful World of Vaping - (Part 3 of 6) Software and Process.

      Valerian has also been used in Hookiah in the Middle East (for smoking). I'm not sure how vaping it would work but I know in a tea the stuff works better for me than a prescription sleeping pill.

      Thanks for posting those guides and I will need to pass them on when I see people with questions. Just went from the cheap gas station e-cigs to (waiting like a hawk for the mail man) a real PV :)
    13. mg7454
      Hello DonDaBoomVape!
      Shew! That's a long handle! LOL!
      Thanks for being one of my friends here at ECF!

      Love your avatar! Groucho isn't it?
      They don't make 'em like that anymore (unfortunately).
      I like your picture, as well!
      Keep smiling my friend!
    14. studio52
      Studio52 here Don, had a great time at VaperCon..enjoyed it all costume party was great.
    15. AngelsRUs
      Thanks again I appreciate the help! Still awaiting my EGo uuggh!

      I have been using confuzzled since ohhh about 1987-89 . However, I was sure I had heard other people use it. I am known to make up words a lot...some people find it annoying...I just like being unique.

      The pics are helpful and in some cases very interesting and assist in conveying certain information better. Especially things like how the e-cig contraption works.
    16. AngelsRUs
      Thanks for answering my questions! I'm a pretty smart cookie and am mechanically inclined but was having a hard time getting straight answers! Either they assumed I knew it all...or they were newer at this than me...

      Enjoying the reads...the pretty pictures aren't a biggie..however a few of them showing the mechanics...was quite interesting. Do they have something like the atty for a V2? I was interested in getting one just so I could sample a juice before dumping it into a cartomizer in case I don't like it, it would be much nicer to sample first.

      Is Confuzzled a new word? Sheesh I have used it since I was in Jr. High lol...hmmm...One of my favorite words too! Thanks again!
    17. Razz
      Ty!!!!!! =]
    18. Longhorn RN
      Longhorn RN
      Hey! It's funny, I still want to keep swapping out my batteries...but I don't have to! Figured you'd get a kick out of that, since you had to get used to not pressing the manual button! Haha
    19. Longhorn RN
      Longhorn RN
      Thanks! I've read quite a few posts that mention it as well. I'm sure one day I will want to get one but your right, I'm enjoying the regular carto right now. We are always wanting to improve our pv's...luckilly I'm a little behind the others, so I get to let everyone else test things first! ;) haha! My vendor is selling them too...I'm sure it's just a matter of time till I'm raving about one :) It's really awesome that this pv is getting such rave reviews and actually does what it says.
    20. Longhorn RN
      Longhorn RN
      My Echo is amazing...heaven! :)
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  • About

    Jan 20, 1946 (Age: 76)
    Home Page:
    South Florida
    Retired management trainer and author. Goal: Make
    born/raised NJ, FL for 32 yrs, recently retired and widowed, now diving back into life.

    Vape, write about vaping, video games, swimming, wine tasting, briidge, actiing.


    "I am, therefore I think ... differently from most apparently." – Don DaBoomVape

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