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Dec 21, 2018
Nov 3, 2010
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Missouri, USA

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Senior Member, Male, from Missouri, USA

ECF Veteran
dragginfly was last seen:
Dec 21, 2018
    1. Katmar
      Missing you.....
    2. Sundrinkr

      Happy Thanksgiving!
    3. suddenly
    4. Off Topic
      Off Topic
      I've watched some youtube clips. That character is funny. I just can't take half an hour of situation comedy. I'm more into satire and irony.
    5. dragginfly
      You're right. I don't. How little do you watch? LOL

      I actually just discovered Big Bang Theory a couple months ago. Have loved getting caught up on the series. Very funny. Sheldon is hilarious. But I really watch just to check out Penny.

      EDIT: Doh! I hate it when I accidentally post on my own ECF wall.
    6. Off Topic
      Off Topic
      That's why I didn't recognize him. You have no idea how little TV I watch.
    7. Off Topic
      Off Topic
      Who is in your avatar?
    8. suddenly
    9. Surf Monkey
      Surf Monkey
      Thanks!! It's good to be back.
    10. classwife
      Popcorn always at the ready !!
      Have a great weekend !!!
    11. dragginfly
      Ahh... I see. No, I did have a rabbit in that post initially but when I returned it was gone. The remote server wasn't serving. So I switched to yet another rabbit. You picked right up on it, though, without missing a beat. Thanks for playing!!

      PS. You can borrow any of my rabbits any time. :)
    12. ScottB
      I've been following the thread since it started... but you took a long time between your "redundant post" & your edit to add the rabbit picture - so I thought you might be headed back to a squirrel... lesson learned lol...

      If I can find a rabbit logic - I'll stick to the redundancy... but I'll leave the pics to you (and maybe steal some from your posts)
    13. Vapor Pete
      Vapor Pete
      You are Bruces stunt double, arent you!?
    14. suddenly
      I am totally Innocent I tell you! Innocent!!!!

    15. whiskey
      I understand completely , see you later:)
    16. suddenly
      That worked out great! I just kept adding to my post while I was watching the movie. It felt like I was watching it with someone, instead of alone. It was fun!:laugh:

      I love the butterfly! I stole it from Kent C. I am so bad! But I love it!:lol:
    17. suddenly
    18. dragginfly
      Awesome flick! First time I saw it, the ending was a complete surprise.

      pssst... I see dead people
    19. suddenly
      Watching you on TV right now! 6th time for the 6th Sense! It must be a sign!

      It was! My mouse just died!:(

      They are showing the video now. I hate that part!:pop:

      It was a surprise for me too. I am the one that usually figures out the endings.
      I know! The little kid tells us right from the get go, and I missed it!

      I still don't know what the red door knob means! duh!

      The End! Time to cry! Bruce is so good!:cry:
    20. suddenly
      Gotcha!!! Won't happen again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall fly away!!!!!

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    Missouri, USA


    "You know me to be a very smart man. Don’t you think that if I were wrong, I’d know it?" ~ Sheldon Cooper
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