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Jun 1, 2014
Mar 14, 2009
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New Jersey

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Resting In Peace, from New Jersey

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Jun 1, 2014
    1. korndogg
      Hey Drew, I ordered a second Janty Stick from you last week. It got here yesterday and my brother started using it last night. It worked fine last night, but today when he got up he let me know that it wasn't producing any vapor. I checked the cart and everything and it seems the atomizer is bad. Is there any way I could get a replacement? Thank you.

    2. Glam
      Drew: I just received my replacement cartos for the defective one that came with my Igo. Well, now I am a happy person because the carto I had left was also defective, and these new ones (you sent me 3 so I thank you) are not the same. The two that came with my Igo kit had a problem--juice either ran on through or just sat on top of the filler. I could not take more than 5-10 draws before the taste changed to that "low on juice" taste. I was so disappointed. But I have filled one of the new ones, and the juice soaked right in like a carto is supposed to. This pv is awesome when it is working right. I just hope the other 2 cartos are good also. Thanks so much for great customer service, and if someone complains about their Igo carto, they probably have a legit. problem. Appreciate your time.
    3. lowboy
      Thanks for the like that means a lot coming from you.
    4. CyberDj
      Hi Drew, ordered my Darwin on 17th feb and it looks it got lost at the post. Please do your best to get me another one. Thanks!
    5. cgrl
      Hi Drew, just wanted to stop by and say hello!!!
    6. MatrixTech
      Hi Drew!! Just ordered a 3.7v Wetbox from you,Thank you!!
    7. Zod
      deleted and swapped to private.
    8. Dirtybutts
      Hey Drew, Just stopping in to say Hello!
    9. redjazzy1
      Where is the Chocolate Coffee Tobacco?
    10. truelove
    11. stv888
      also is the kr808 that are suitibale for the g400 the same capacity(2 ml)??
      what is the length of the cartomizers supplied with the g400?
      hope you can help...thanks
    12. stv888
      can anyone tell me the full specs of the g400, drew do you knoe full siezes such as length,diameter & battery voltage??
    13. Drewsworld
      We are calling you now!!!Sorry about the confusion...Thanks for your patronage..
    14. Driannah
      Need carto advice
      Need advice please -- bought the nhaler mega 510 set to see how it compares to the 808d and found the 510 atty burned so hot it burned my lips -- didnt like the the draw w/ the drip tip. i havent tried it with the 510 cartos yet. which would you suggest for use with the mega 510?

      And on another note -- i have two wetboxes - one threaded for the 510 and one for the 808. which blank cartomizers do you recommend for these? High resistance, low resistance, high performance, mega carto-- getting confused here! Idont want to risk damaging my wetboxes so i guess the LR cartos are out --- but what about the other options? or should i just stick with the plain 510 cartos on the wetbox?
      I vape for flavor mostly with 0 nic juices. But I love your lung juices too. Any chance you'll offer them with very low (6 or less) or no nic?
    15. Kimmy
      Drew...all I can say is wow. You are such a sweetheart. I couldn't believe when the mail came how much stuff you stuffed into that bag. This is the most awesome thing any vendor has done for me on this forum.

      I'm glad you threw some kr8 cartomizers in that bag, I think I found my new carto salesman! I will deff be picking up a whole lot of your blanks. These cartos are great.

      You just made my day. My week even. I can't thank you enough. I'm completely blown away by your kindness and generosity. These new twisty drip tips are incredible btw:):):) THANK YOU!
    16. trailblazer6
    17. Aceyboogie
      sent an email already...
    18. Aceyboogie
      duplicate message....sorry
    19. gratefulbuddy
      I am again impressed by the HV juice. Every flavor I have tried is spot-on. I would suggest it to anyone. Thanks for the extras too.
    20. Drewsworld
      Im preparing for the good fight...Trust me...If we loose Im also looking a boats for the offshore thing...Great to see ya...You ever go to the Vape Meets in NY???
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