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Jan 29, 2011
Jun 24, 2009
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Denver Colorado
Asset protection

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Super Member, from Denver Colorado

ECF Veteran
Drunkwaco was last seen:
Jan 29, 2011
    1. son et lumiere
    2. heath
      hey there Drunkwaco.. I sent ya a friend request. Any Starcraft fan is alright with me!!
    3. Father Luke
      Father Luke

      - -
      Father Luke
    4. killdozerd11
      I'll have to check that out i always hated the whole cool down time between potions thing because when you took on a boss like diablo him self a would pop them really quick one after another and once you got the cube and could transmute whole life potions that was great
      My friends played starcraft and were extremely ...... when blizzard shut it down
    5. killdozerd11
      yeah me and my cohorts have been looking further into the expansion
      the more we learn the more unimpressed we become
      5 levels whats with that i know guys who in the last expansion went from 70 to 80 in about a week
      and adding the worgen and goblins that is very lame
      As far as diablo 3 i have not looked into it
      all of us used to play diablo and then diablo 2 came out and we played that for quite awhile it was a good game at the time but so was duke nukem at the time
      And my favorite postal
    6. killdozerd11
      have you seen the new WOW expansion
      the cataclysm
      they are redoing the lowlands and Kalimador
      with the new max of 85
      All i wanted was to use my flying mount in the lowlands not an entire
      re write
    7. killdozerd11
      If you have some wisdom to impart to a few of us struggling ageing white dudes we would listen
    8. killdozerd11
      Since i come and go so much here's my email>
      I actually run a business selling e cigs and i do tractor work since i'm not running much heavy equipment these days >
    9. killdozerd11
      We are learnig slowly my pally is dual spec prot and ret.
      the 80 driud guy is dual spec bal and ret
      my friend is bring up his priest for shadow and resto
      we are working on doing 5man raids but all of us can only be on together about once a week one is an interstate trucker and the other works a rotating shift mining in colorado.
      Brian cant be on right now he's doing his 3rd tour in Iraq
      it's a learning process
    10. killdozerd11
      alliance our guild is on Galkorand server
      RuneLords is our guild name we have 5 members we all been friends for years
      moved from hellscream about a year ago it's to crowded there
      >80 paladin / 50 mage / 80 death knight / 30 druid
    11. killdozerd11
      a fellow gamer.WOW
      see you in dalaran
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    Denver Colorado
    Asset protection
    Hardcore addicted gamer

    Gaming, drinking, vaping
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