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Mar 19, 2022
Nov 20, 2009
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March 24
Home Page:
Greenwood Indiana
Vemma Represenative, Production Manager, & A Volun

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Senior Member, from Greenwood Indiana

ECF Veteran
EcA2AcE was last seen:
Mar 19, 2022
    1. gotthelife4u
      Hey there buddy, I like the cash blend cartomizer and eliquid from pure smoker. You cannot go wrong with either. I vape 12-18 mg depending on how I am feeling. I have been sticking to 12 mg as of late and that is doing it for me.
    2. GrimmGreen
      ha ha , elquid or cartomizer? both , From puresmoker? i really really like Riskee and Cashcap. MG of nic? kinda depends on how much you vape , i usually don't go lower than 18 because i like a rockin throat hit. hope that helps out buddy!
    3. lotus14
      It varies. I have stash of 36mg and 11mg. Sometimes I use one or the other, sometimes I mix 'em to get something in between.
    4. crashtestjeep
      BTW-they sell no nic "doublers" which are 120ml flavored no nic bottles so u can get (since u like lower nic) 48 mg 30ml flavored bottle and a doubler and make it 4 30ml 12mg bottles and its so easy...(he sends 3 15ml bottles w/doubler purchase) just add 1/4 flavored nic juice to 3/4 doubler and u have urself a TON of lower nic flavored juice!(12mg) ;)
    5. crashtestjeep
      Im still trying new flavors, as in the past, I liked only tob flavors, now Im really diggin the fruits...I forgot PS watermelon! I have some cartos from them n they are sure tasty! I got some watermelon form a few other vendors as well...I smoked menthols and gave up on finding a good tob-menthol until I tried nhaler. They by far ended my search for menthol mixes. As for other flavors, I do try to shop around, as I like having variety...even variety of the same flavor but to be honest, Cashcap is the best cap to date, V4L being second....:) I could go on n on abt flavors, lol I also LOVE atomic fireball from TasttyVapor! I have more on the way and if I hit any that sound like they match ur liking, Ill def let ya know-I have banana nut bread and TV version butter rum on the way from TastyVapor-very high expectations on those!!!!:D
    6. Casey@PS
      Fav flavor: Banana or Vanilla. Atomz for Banana, atomizers for Vanilla. I like 0-11mg personally, but that's all personal taste. :)
    7. lotus14
      Favorite flavor is easy - PS 555. I normally vape the 510, so e-liquid. I used to be strictly a cartomizer guy, but they were poorly made, burnt too easily and were in ugly colors. I recently got a bunch or 555 Atomz from Steve for my mom. They look great and they are much better made now - you'd have to have dissected both to see what I mean.

      I also remembered that Drew at NHALER had given me a 5v cartomizer passthrough long ago. So I dug it out and it blows my 510 on the Protege away! Gotta put some lower nic liquid in that thing! The Prodigy V2 with a cartomizer adapter will be great, though it sounds like they're a long ways off.

      So I'm switching back and forth now. Probably order some batts from Steve for the Atomz this week. The only way I can vape the cartomizers on the Protege now is with a 510 to 808 adapter I got from AltSmoke. Way too airy a draw.
    8. them0nk
      1. Both - i bounce between atomizers too... i don't have an everyday vaping preference yet...
      2. i've only tried their menthol - i mix my own mostly now...
      3. i try to stay around 16-18. much higher i get amped up, much lower i turn into a MONSTER. i've been trying to cut it down little by little - i'd love to get to 0mg juice and stay there... juice is REALLY cheap to make if you vape 0mg.

      i'm at work or i'd explain some more...
    9. crashtestjeep
      ;) Hi! thanks for the message!

      To ur question....
      1-Both (Cartos at night when driving, Liquid when relaxing/safe to drip n refill)
      2-CashCap (Best cap flavor yet!!! and Ive tried alot of capuccino flavors)
      3-18 and 24mg

      Now, if you dont mind ME asking you back, Im also curious bc Ive tried alot of flavors I wouldnt normally try bc people have said great things about them, and found I actually enjoy vaping flavors I would have never ordered if they hadnt made them so darn tempting! I like other PS Flavors, but my moms ace kit came w/Cashcap and I had to get more after trying!!!! I didnt really like any other capuccino flavors before...Id try them n give them away. Yoou can taste hints of cinamin, the capuccino itself, maybe a lil honey n caramel...its just really good IMO :D
    10. EcA2AcE
      Hey my Friend, I would Like you to Drop a "Visitor Message" on my Page/Profile telling me 1. Eliquid or Cartomizer? 2. Favorite Flavor to answer # 1 from "Puresmoker"? & 3. What mg of Nic?

      Because Im a Curious Person :D

    11. Lightgeoduck
      the condition of the act of befriending... hehehe its a LGDism
    12. Lightgeoduck
      add and thanks for the befriendment :D
    13. crashtestjeep
      Hi! Thanks for the message....and Im glad u two are doing such a great thing for urselves n family....I love this forum bc of people like you...:)
    14. Lightgeoduck
      hehe.. thanks.. I was waiting for some kind of message of sorts.. I usually don't accept friendship requests until or only when communication is initiated :D otherwise is it really a friendship hehe
    15. GrimmGreen
      Wow very cool! thank you , i'm glad i could help out , seriously thank you for the support. Do up some videos , i'll watch them.
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    March 24
    Home Page:
    Greenwood Indiana
    Vemma Represenative, Production Manager, & A Volun
    I consider myself a Caring, Outgoing, Giving, Loving Person, I do believe in GOD :)

    Vemma Health/Energy Drinks, PC Gaming, COD MW2


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