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Feb 9, 2011
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Treasure Coast

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Vaping Master, Female, from Treasure Coast

ECF Veteran
    1. PapawBrett
      Merry Christmas to a true Lady ! I hope you get to see your Loved Ones and share invaluable times together this Holiday Season ! And may You have a Safe and Prosperous 2013 !
    2. tyleris12
    3. dragonbone
    4. morri
    5. JustaGuy
      Hi El!! I'm glad you made it to your brother's! :thumb: Sorry your house is stuck there. You don't want to leave it empty too long, maintenance and things will cost too. You can try to rent it out with a rental agency (a whole other set of headaches), or, you'll have to drop the price to sell it. More importantly, I hope you're feeling better. Getting that house settled will reduce a lot of your stress. Take care of yourself. :wub:

    6. bea828
      your avi is SO. FULL. OF. WIN.

      *bows down*

      all hail basement kittah....
    7. chohan
      Just sliding in to say "Hiya"... hope you had a good holiday. Missed you lately.
    8. JustaGuy
      It' been a long, long time. I haven't been to Deej's thread so haven't seen you. How is the sale and move going? I hope you are well, feeling ok. :)
    9. dragonbone
      Thanks Eleanor :).
    10. Lisa66
      Have a very happy Thanksgiving, El!

    11. dragonbone
    12. PapawBrett
      +1 on what chohan says. It's nice to know someone appreciates this old man's sense of humor. Thanks to you young lady !
    13. scarf-ace
      You are back! Nice to see you:) Hope you are well. Expect a little something soon.
    14. chohan
      I can always tell when you're around Eleanor... the trail of 'likes' gives you away. cheers
    15. scarf-ace
      You like me... you really like me:)
    16. newbie2ec
      Added to the list! Im digging these juices! thanks for the tip!
    17. newbie2ec
      Eleanor- I just went to give feedback on the ginger apple for ahlusion and saw a peach black tea- I didnt notice before and nutella- hahaha! Ill have to break into my other three this weekend - I like the maple dreams one more and more today - wonder what it will taste like in another week or so.... Cara mel mambo next?
      ps- Im Lauren :)
    18. Lethalp
      Hiya my fav steep diva!! :)
      I was just wondering if u had a chance to try your Ahlusion juices yet? Couldn't help but notice they were getting close to steeped for u? I would love to try them sometime, but as usual the price is in the way. But if u like them I might make the jump :)
      Thanks doll!
    19. ~Sue~Feb2012
      Thanks for the "likes" and I enjoy reading your posts :)
    20. EleanorR
      Good night, Jeremy! (I need to scoot too -- earlyish house showing tomorrow.)
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    Treasure Coast


    "To be a Virginian, either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's mother's side, is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Almighty God."
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