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Apr 8, 2012
Mar 3, 2012
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Senior Member, from California

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enchantedwonder was last seen:
Apr 8, 2012
    1. enchantedwonder
      Time for me to start packing for a weekend in Tahoe and a week with my Brother in Law in the Bay area! Will be nice!!!!! It will be strange to not smoke in a Casino though....
    2. enchantedwonder
      Part II
      I haven't been back since my Mom passed away in '04. My Sister went back this Winter (nut job), she lives in Texas. I will go back soon, when the weather is good for me. I will spend tons of time boating, canoeing, fishing, I miss that. I miss our Culture... I also want to to go Niagara Falls. What kinds of things do you like to do?
    3. enchantedwonder
      Good Morning Brightstarlights, Gail here. I was born in Detroit, at Botsford which is now deemed Farmington Hills. (It was Farmington Hills in '72 when my Sister was born.) I always say Detroit because 1. it's close, 2. Not everyone knows Farmington Hills 3. I'm proud to be from Detroit. I grew up in Redford until the fifth grade in '78 then moved to Holly, Michigan. A couple of years after graduation in '85 I moved to California. Michigan was in the great recession that hit our state hard... I miss the people, food, springs, the lakes, and the summer without the humidity :) :) I don't miss the snow, our state bird the mosquito, and humidity. The fall and all the colors are pretty too.
    4. Brightstarlights
      Thanks Enchanted for the kind reply! Where do you live now? Did you live in Michigan very long? I was born in Chicago, moved around Illinois a lit, then came to Michigan when I was just a young 14, oh so many years ago, lol! I do love all the great lakes and beaches, the four seasons and fall! But summer seems to get shorter every year! Yup, I had lots of back up batteries and I always keep a couple of those gas station e cigs just in case! They sure don't compare to the great e juice from BWB, but just in case, lol! Hope you're having a great week!
    5. enchantedwonder
      Rough day today... strange. Vaporing has done me well this past month, a few days ago I cut out my last analog of the day. The morning one. I still haven't reverted, but nothing has really satisfied me today, and I can't get the throat hit I need. I don't understand it.

      Keeping at one analog for a few days made me realize how crappy I felt when I smoked it, and it really wasn't that satisfying. It is actually saving me now knowing that.

      Just a rough day.
    6. Brightstarlights
      Thanks Enchanted! Detroit does have some great coney islands around! Just got power back after it was knocked out from the hail storm we had, so I apologize for the delay! Hope you have a great Sunday!
    7. enchantedwonder
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  • About

    Born in Detroit, raised in Holly, Michigan. I moved to California in '88.

    My Wife and I have been married for almost five years. Together we have five children in our "Bonus" families. We have two adorable kids at home, Sophie our Maltese, and Chloe our Morkie.

    I tried my first cigarette at age Nine.... at 12 the neighbor boy told me I was doing it wrong, and taught me how to inhale... since then I was hooked.

    I've watched my Dad have oxygen pumped into his lungs after a double bypass, and then years later I held him as he died of lung cancer. Still... I smoked.

    My mentality was look... my Mom quit twenty years before she died the age of 59. Our good friend quit twenty years before she died of lung cancer at 60... what's my odds? Not lookin' swell.

    Then I couldn't breathe anymore... so I tried e-cigs again. I started with a Greensmoke kit and found ECF and a KGO and weaned from 1.5 pad to under five... and then down to NONE. I'm really excited about this new journey in my life, and about the friends I'm making along the way.

    I like Purple.

    Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Art Shows, Jazz, Cultural Events


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