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May 20, 2019
Apr 5, 2013
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Apalachicola, FL, United States

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May 20, 2019
    1. Levitas
      I want that Gorilla Juice, but I cannot figure out how to PM you. Noobin' it hard! Please PM me!
    2. beckyblue
      Not to beat a dead horse, but your experience is still the dream. I heartily envy those memories you surely racked up on the stage and, um, around it...
    3. beckyblue
      I went and bumped that thread for you because I LOVE checking out friends' ink. I got one of mine (one that's not going up in the thread) in Iowa City, in fact. Cheesy as it is to say, you really did live the dream being in a band. The adrenaline I'd imagine one gets from a live gig seems like it'd have to be so intoxicating:closedeyes:. I'm only now FINALLY learning guitar. Better late, right? I'll look forward to any more stories from what sounds like a lot of seriously fun times that you might include in the the music threads down the line. Always cool to find some more cousin ears:2cool:.
    4. beckyblue
      That's a TERRIFIC story about WEW:ohmy:!! I have three of his albums because I was late to discover him, but I'll get the rest. On the other hand, I have EVERY single song ever released by Daniel Johnston, and two albums of only Daniel Johnston covers; been a fan of his for a LONG time, and I've bombarded the poor thread with a ton of them. We've got an Austin ECF member who's met him a bunch of times; with your stories and with his, I'm feeling pretty jealous. Always left out, my big sister was friends with Moon Unit Zappa, but I was to young to know I should tag along:facepalm:. Heck, I did bum a cigarette to the drummer from Spoon and his mom:p. BTW, come show off your ink in the Lounge's tattoo thread sometime:2cool:.
    5. beckyblue
      Dude, you replied to my message on your own profile page:laugh:! It's only because I came back to snoop on you some more that I checked to see if that might've been the case (it happens...just kick yourself a wee bit:p). Yeah, I LOVED Grinnell College, but it sure totally kayoed the family funds:p. U of Iowa is a great school; and, as I said, Iowa City is a great city. I WILL BE BACK! Loved the Neko-related bartending story. Chicago's another killer city. I miss snow so much. Even after 3 1/2 years of this, "Kayfun/Poldiac rig" is Greek to me. The other thing that I kayoed all my funds with was a couple of REOs, so I'm set with those. Hilarious about s w a n k y, huh:blink:?! I caught that one a good while back, but then I remembered that this is a Brit-owned site, after all. Very cool to meet you and your music, Mike:2cool:!
    6. entropy1049
      Grinnell College I'm assuming? GREAT school! I myself am a product of the public university system (U of Iowa) as I didn't pack the stuff to go to a s....y private college :p. I've had friends in the Writer's workshop, and it is simply the best at what it does. Anyplace that produced Flannery O'Connor has got to rock anyway...
      A couple of folks, yourself included, are putting up some fun music is a few of these threads. Some garbage as well, but it's easy to blow by those.
      Tuesday vapes are EC Dragon's Breath in a Kayfun/Poldiac rig. My head is spinning lol.
      More fun music to follow!


      Really? they edit out "es doubleyou ay en kay why"? Lulz.
    7. beckyblue
      Really enjoying your songs, man:2cool:! Also, I LOVE Iowa City. I went to school in Grinnell, IA, but we'd always go to your city for, um, signs of life:laugh:! Plenty of great time there. Still hope to return to go to U of I's Writer's Workshop someday:closedeyes:...Very glad you found the song-chain games, too. Hope your Tuesday vapes are mighty tasty:vapor:!
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