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Dec 31, 2017
Sep 7, 2012
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Sweet Home, Oregon USA
Homemaker/ animal Caretaker!

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Ultra Member, from Sweet Home, Oregon USA

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Faylool was last seen:
Dec 31, 2017
    1. Aurora-Oblivion
      Ohh, sorry, I see (it's full now)! :D :D
    2. Aurora-Oblivion
      Hmm, maybe I cleared it a little right before or after you posted this? Hasn't been full for a bit now :)

      White Chocolate / name? :D You lost me there :)
    3. Faylool
      I'm hoping I find the right roommate. I've been having trouble finding someone who is responsible and considerate and pays rent on time without me having to lower the boom. It's a poor population. And the worst time ever to sell! BF wants out
    4. Renolizzie
      Oh yeah, duh,

      I don't think we can afford to sell right now. Prices are so bad for property.

      Yep, windy Nevada although it hasn't been too bad this winter. Not too cold for a change either.
    5. Renolizzie
      Good for you. Let me know how you like that Reo.

      What kind of horses and how many?
    6. HippieHermit
      Nice to meet another hermit...I'm just a quiet off-grid happy hermit living in unspoiled nature and enjoying life. Vape on!
    7. V8inDamma
      Are you over by Tao in Or? Cause I'm in Or right now too.
    8. dragonbone
    9. BuGlen
      Sorry, I didn't see this message before now. The Siam tank that I have is the XL, and I use the XL size Smoktech cartos with 2 pre-drilled holes (and the flange). The o-rings on the Siam are not as tight as the Phiniac or IBTanked tanks, but I haven't had any issues with them slipping either, so either of cartos you mentioned should work fine.
    10. Faylool
      Oh yes. Actually. I was talking to him yesterday and he told me to talk to bassplayer on ecf....coincidence. He started out making the most beautiful wood mods. Now he is concentrating on something very nice. I ordered one yesterday. All mechanical. The Flair. To see go to Sweet Vapes ( not Sweet-Vapes) expensive but will be uch more expensive later. Saw you just joined so I doubted you were the right bass player but then I saw your post on the Vamo, Im getting in a coop due here this week yay! So I just had to ask. Are you smart about all the technical stuff? I love vaping enuff to pursue much more knowledge than I ever thought I would need when I started! I do like to lern so it's kinda fun but basically technical and engineering stuff is extremely foreign and not my talent how about you?
    11. bassplyr4001
      No... I don't
      Does he make some cool Mods???
    12. Mr.Mann
    13. Mr.Mann
      Well, sort of. I looked at myself a couple times while doing it. Thanks. If you'd like to see it enlarged, just go to my page and click on the photo album called "for M.O.D" and then double click on the picture. Thanks again.
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    Sweet Home, Oregon USA
    Homemaker/ animal Caretaker!
    Facebook user ID:
    Divorced 2 grown kids 2 horses 6 dogs and 8 cats 2 acres 1 roommate. Acquired my first bottom feeder Feb. '13. Tanks taking a break! They will be for certain flavors that work well in Tank/ carto mode. Bottom feeding really is better than dripping. Atties really are better than cartos and RBA really does deliver more nic per hit. Gota wood mod bottom feeder grip. VV and NICE. still waiting for Flair! Brad Gruss has beautiful things but takes forever. Oh well. Love this wood. Better than metal things.

    juice flavors no tobacco downto 12-18 mg nic
    Pro WTA at Aromajuice and anti Vaoelicious
    As of December I have exchanged my wood mod for the Flair by Brad Gruss a week after I got it because I really loved the little Flair too much more but it isn't vv It's a mechanical. Won't get it til next month but I have been busy in the meantime getting more things. Vamo and a telescoping brass mechanical mod that takes kick ( Flair does not) and an eroll kit to take out when I'm with people to kind of recruit a little. Minis are easier for newbies to relate to. Tell them vape at home a lot and smoke less until they get used to the idea or HOOKED! Got back to tanks since i fiud a few more. Still eRoll gets lts of action.
    Added RBAs mini phoenix clone, did clone, reomizer v2 and igo-s 2 and mini agsomething for bttom feeding.

    Horses, ground work mostly but riding too


    Done riding for awhile. ( Equine )
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