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Apr 8, 2014
Oct 24, 2009
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Super Member, from breaking my refresh button

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Apr 8, 2014
    1. dragonbone
    2. dragonbone
      Welcome. Thanks :).
    3. dragonbone
    4. MagnusEunson
      Thank you for watching out for me!
    5. bbb
      hi Foggy,

      I edited my post in the Discount Vapers thread

      after 3 hrs of hard vaping, the brand new Visions started leaking, lost about a ml of liquid gold, CC House Blend ... loaded an old but freshly cleaned Visions and it hasn't leaked so far <sigh> gotta be the seals, maybe cleaning swells them

      I have another story you might be interested in : I was using my vv Infinity Pro with a new Vision and the batteries went ballistic and burned up 2 clearomizers today, once while I was holding it, the second time while it was sitting on my desk, glad I was right next to it !! ... I don't know if my IP shorted, or the Visions caused it ?? ... I'm not sure I can safely use or recommend the Visions anymore ... odd thing, the ones that burned up were from another vendor, not Eric ... I think there were several upgrades to the Visions, and maybe I got old ones ?? ... it was scary tho to see a plastic tubed clearomizer melting !!
    6. Corncob
      "Four sweater vests" lol.
    7. Foggy
      I totally get the "disaster waiting to happen aspect." It describes much of my day! I don't think we can know 100% what the junk is, but flavorings and especially sugar from flavorings makes sense to me. It's impossible that vaping can be worse for me than the 3 PAD I smoked.

      We have a ton of stuff on hand, but we'll definitely be giving the Visions a try again when our stock is lower. Next time, we won't remove the plastic from the base!
    8. bbb
      seeemed a basic question, thanks for responding, I'm lowering my nic, trying to get rid of gunk, not vape more of it

      I like the Visions as they are small, cheap, cleanable, fit my Infinity Pro well and I don't like lugging around 3-5 ml in a tank, a disaster waiting to happen ... I'd rather add juice as needed ... cheers :)
    9. Foggy
      I heart Dr. Horrible. Hope we get part II sometime soon!
    10. Corncob
      Your pic from 'Dr. Horrible's Sing a Long' blog is awesome. And Felicia is awesome.
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