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Oct 8, 2013
Sep 28, 2012
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(N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa
was a nat.board cert. hearing instrament prof.

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Super Member, from (N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa

ECF Veteran
gavind4 was last seen:
Oct 8, 2013
    1. mechanus
      No problem, guy. If you need any help, just holler.
    2. dam718
      Haha! Your wife must have good taste!
    3. Lorddeff07
      Lol... I live about a 3 min walk from the Marriott. And the gold course has been pretty much done for ages i think, at least since I got here. Thanks for the greetings!
    4. mapo
      have been away from my pc for awhile cant seem to find the time to check in lately. how was the holidays for you? had a glass droper from a small sample bottle i tried to see if it fit my wick hole but was to big, i was just trying to insulate the wick from the tank would never have thought of extending past the hole and coiling around it. will definetly give this a try. i have recently bought the terminator rebuildable (odysseus clone) and if you like clearomizers this works great easy to rewick no shorts great flavor. as for my did lots of headaches but have it working pretty good now. need to get a better vv volt. battery the one i have is terrible. have tried it on others and works well.
    5. MamaBird
      Thanks! And happy new year to you! :D
    6. MissEmma
      Belated Merry Christmas! It's great to see you're still here ;) Please tell your lovely wife I said Hi, although I think I'll see her in a couple of weeks anyway.
    7. blondeambition3
      Merry Christmas to you in return gavind4! Thank you for the lovely Christmas Wishes!

    8. Butters78
      Awesome I'm glad I'm good for a few laughs! Happy festivus.
    9. tidegirl
      LOL thanks, and you will get there before you know it! I know it doesn't seem like it has been a year for me.
    10. Robino1
      Hi Gavin :) How did I miss this message? Thank you. :) Best wishes to you too!!
    11. MamaBird
      Oh you're silly! sillier than me :p
    12. MamaBird
    13. MamaBird
      Its debatable! haha
    14. chrisromano590
      I use mostly Novas right now but I asked for a 70 30 it's been fine so far. And my son is all taken care of. And we are taking him to see Santa tomorrow. It's definitely fun. Enjoy your holidays
    15. chrisromano590
      i finally made it to vapor phoxxe today. hung out for my lunch which was supposed to be an hour ended up being there for 2 hours having enjoyable convos and tasting all sorts of juices. defiantly enjoyed being around people with the same passion for something. also ended up leaving with 40mls of juice which i love. will be going back soon. thanks for the tip.
    16. blondeambition3
      LOL.... Amen gavind4... amen! Glad to meet you!
    17. MamaBird
      Planning on heading to Vaporphoxxe 12/01?
    18. MamaBird
      Thank you! :D

      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    19. Nurzrachit
      Would that be the poconos?
    20. Nurzrachit
      There are varying levels of ruralness. We camp to get down to the bare essential and connect with our inner animal. You bonfire, smores, bugs, dirt all the fun things.
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    (N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa
    was a nat.board cert. hearing instrament prof.
    yes i am really old, and just a tad below filthy rich, and i got problems like attentio i just like to live in levittown

    bright & shiny things+ live bats, but not shiny bats they are right out. my wife.


    "The wages of sin is death." - God........"I think, I will vape and take a pay cut." - Wm Beveridge
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