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Oct 8, 2013
Sep 28, 2012
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(N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa
was a nat.board cert. hearing instrament prof.

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Super Member, from (N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa

ECF Veteran
gavind4 was last seen:
Oct 8, 2013
    1. napdog
      Your Welcome. Good Luck
    2. napdog
    3. napdog
      Indeed, we are all friends. I just don't make t-shirts.
    4. napdog
      I would love to do that, but I don't don't have the equipment. Maybe you could contact a t-shirt company. I could send you the graphic.
    5. Tanks
      WOW! I never expected it to be so much better than what I was using.. Also, I had a great suprise. My J-Tank wasn't suppose to come until tomorrow but it was in the mailbox with my ProVari and ProJuice!!! And, thanks to the ProVari, I just found out my "1.8ohm" vivi nova head is actually 2.2ohms. lol
    6. Tanks
      Thanks for the advice! I've watched PBusardos provari review about 5 times snce I ordered it. I just turned into my neighborhood. Will be charging the batteries within 10 min!
    7. MamaBird
      Of course I am! There is no turning back now...I'm sure you know that :) how are the girls at vaporphoxxe...i haven't been there this week or last (obviously)
    8. chrisromano590
      an hour is not that bad at all i am going to go there this upcoming weekend. and i hear ya about the kid cost they say the cheapest time is when thier babys lol. they only get more expensive as they get older and want ipads phones and cars.
    9. chrisromano590
      hey thanks for the tip on vaperphoxxe for me its an hour ride coming from sj. how is the store and juice. do they have alot of products to purchase.
    10. tnt56
      If I helped at all it was worth my time. I'm sorry but I reply to so many I really don't know what one your refering to. If you can remind this old brain it would help. Stay healthy my friend
    11. steved5600
      Your very welcome. Love your avatar. I have spare timeeeeeeeeeeeeee. LOL Semi retired. LOL
    12. elmattias
      thanks, i try to give back as much as i've been given....i know i come off as abrasive i apologize if i start facerolling folks inappropriately.
    13. MayLovesMetal
      Hi, thanks for taking the time to tell me, though I did know about it. It's frustrating because I just very recently became a non-car owner (not something I'm thrilled about anyhow) and Hatboro by car is an easy and very familiar drive. I went to High School in Warminster which you might know is right there. Now I'm in Roxborough, the edge of Philly and you can live an entitre life here using only public transportation (or some people can..I'd be even crazier than I am if I had I am sure :p) but it won't get you to Vaporphoxxe. I have 2 kgo 1100s and a kgo vv now, and of course there's a bazillion things online, but I would *love* to be able to go somewhere and look at things irl. I really want something vv a little more robust than the kgo now that I know how I like to vape, but the things in my price range look massive in pictures. Oh well yay for the interwebz at least. =)
    14. ninja612
      I don't do anything halfway. Figured if I'm going to do this, I'm jumping in with both feet! :)
    15. nutty1
      Gavin... Delete that post with ur cc #. Someone may steal it
    16. Chrissie
      Lol Gavin :D 8 of the 9 cats are Maine Coons so more like dogs in character :)

      Thanks for the complement about AAEC-UK :)
    17. Elnroth
      Hey, thanks for the info. I will check it out. And if I locate any shops around the area I will pass it on to you. Keep on vaping.
    18. MamaBird
      Hello neighbor! :)
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    (N. Phila.) Levittown pa usa
    was a nat.board cert. hearing instrament prof.
    yes i am really old, and just a tad below filthy rich, and i got problems like attentio i just like to live in levittown

    bright & shiny things+ live bats, but not shiny bats they are right out. my wife.


    "The wages of sin is death." - God........"I think, I will vape and take a pay cut." - Wm Beveridge
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