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May 6, 2016
Aug 11, 2009
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September 14
Melbourne, Australia

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Ultra Member, from Melbourne, Australia

ECF Veteran
Ghetto_Cowgirl was last seen:
May 6, 2016
    1. MJ.7
      Just sow your birth day is today & just want say it. :bday:
    2. classwife
    3. wdave
      Hi ghetto cowgirl. Your handle caught my eye because I consider myself to be a former cowboy/gangster.

      Thanks for contibuting your time to the forum

    4. vandale
      LOL Funny cat fights below
    5. BWG707
      You recently deleted a couple of my posts. I would like to know where would be the appropriate place to post these messeges? I think people on this forum have a right to know that they're members here that are out to make unscrupulous profits from other members. And also I was just conveying my surprise that someone on this forum trying to price gouge members. Come on, doubling the price! As I said, just because they saw the word "desparate" that was their signal to try and take advantage of the situation, in a bad and greedy way. I think that should be brought to the attention of others out there. Do you really want those types on this forum? I guess I just expected more because all my previous communications with members have been nothing but honest, straight forward, helpful, and caring. So please where should I have posted this? After I posted this I realized I might have posted in the wrong place, I meant this to be a PM. Sorry.
    6. atsirk
      OOPS please see PM, thanks
    7. nofalls
      That tat makes me want to sing Eric Clapton. I get off on a '57 Chevy, I get off on a screaming guitar, I've got a rockin' roll, I've got a rockin' roll heart.
    8. Broseybrose
      Nice tat! The '57 Chevy Bel-Air was the hottest car America ever manufactured. My pops had one back in the 80s, it was a car-show killer and a drag-strip killer. Small block 350 bored out with a supercharger. Candy Apple Red with white flames. My grandmother stitched the red crushed velvet interior. That was back in New York when i was about 6 years old. :?:
    9. Cyia
      Thanks so much for adding me as a friend <3
    10. MistyLeigh
      You were so right...I have been on here checking for my chuck at least every other day. haha
    11. crashtestjeep
      where ya been? Havent seen u around in FOREVER!!! :)
    12. Lightgeoduck
      Nice to see you still popping in .. hope all is doing well

    13. Tanner S Hyde
      Tanner S Hyde
      That certainly is a RAD chuck design!
    14. MickiO
      How's it goin girl, haven't heard from you in awhile.
      I'm waiting on my new CHuck, yay!  Seems like forever, lol. I keep checking the newborn page, *sigh*, but I know all good things take time. 

    15. GoG8trz
      That is a sweet logo on your Mod. Did you do that yourself? If so, what mod and how is it holding up? I am thinking about trying to "customize" mine, but don't want it flaking off.

    16. truelove
      Hi GC, hows that sweet chuck doing?
    17. bdRICKYbd
      get more pics wow ur so freakin hott lol
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  • About

    September 14
    Melbourne, Australia


    Amethyst Illusion 57 Chevy Big Chuck/Pink eGo/Black Stardust GLV2-Mini/Pink SparkPlug
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