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Jan 12, 2021
Dec 15, 2012
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Vaping Master, from NJ

Verified Member ECF Veteran
glasseye was last seen:
Jan 12, 2021
    1. Jimi D.
      Jimi D.
      LOL!!! I’m good Rebecca. We’re still in Pennsylvania. SC is a nice place to live. I’d live there and S.Dakota looks good too.
    2. Jimi D.
      Jimi D.
      Hi there. How are ya ?
      1. glasseye
        I'm sorry, do I know you? hahahaha How ya been?!? I'm back in NJ, probably moving back to SC. Who knows?
        Sep 13, 2020
    3. ~Sue~Feb2012
      I love your sense of humor and like your posts :D
    4. RocketPuppy
      Strange things are afoot at the Circle K...where does Thailand for lobster originate? I feel daft for not knowing.
    5. RocketPuppy
      Ok. It wasn't that weird for me, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have tact. I think I want to go to Thailand.
    6. RocketPuppy
      I was going to say The Ramones, but you read my mind instead. If you think about, cryogenics are the way to go. Coffins are very expensive, and they don't even preserve bodies for the future (in case someone may or may not figure out how to cure age)...ok...that might have been even weirder than what I usually think.
    7. RocketPuppy
      Yay!!! Hoow about The Clash? We could figure out if Paul McCartney is really alive.
    8. RocketPuppy
      Can I be #4? =) You're cool.
    9. Cool_Breeze
    10. Kopfstimmen
      Yay! Accepted, of course - and honored. :)
    11. beckyblue
      glasseye is banned for not looking down at the link in my signature. Oh, no, wrong place to post...I'm so hopelessly lost:blink::confused:...
    12. beckyblue
      Okay, missy, NONE of the music threads (a game going in the Lounge, and even lazier one in the OUTSIDE, loads of non-game "what are you listening to?" threads...)? Seriously? Just not cool. That is all:p.
    13. Cool_Breeze

      Baidu May Be Developing a Glassy Eye
      David Vranicar
      3 hours ago (
      Living up to its billing as the Chinese Google, Baidu, China's top search engine, reportedly is working on Baidu Eye, something that sounds a lot like Google's Glass. Worn like eyeglasses, the Internet gadget will be controlled by voice and will feature an LCD display that can recognize images. While these features are rumored to be up and running, the product's design and battery life are still works in progress. The device could pose a problem for China's ever-zealous Internet police, as users might be able to record and upload images more or less in real-time.
    14. Cool_Breeze
      I look forward to seeing what type of stuff your things are!
    15. Cool_Breeze
      I think you must be an artist. Do you have some offerings to share with us via a photo album?
    16. Cool_Breeze
    17. Cool_Breeze
      happy birthday!
    18. sugismimi
      Ima jersey girl too, you can find taylor ham at publix here in lex. Want me to send ya some. I saw ur convo with jerseyrob. Can not find good hard rolls tho......
    19. sugismimi
      hi, I was reading thru the chi-chi co-op thread and noticed , no glasd eye lol and ur from s.c. I'm a neighbor here in the midlands. Lexington actually , just stopping by to say hi !!!

      Already making my summer plans for the beach, who knows maybe we can meet up!
    20. Cool_Breeze
      What..? No messages...

      Now you have!
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