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Sep 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2009
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Apr 6, 1977 (Age: 42)
Carson City, Nevada, United States
ACRS Tech, I Roast your coffee

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Unregistered Supplier, 42, from Carson City, Nevada, United States

ECF Veteran
GrimmGreen was last seen:
Sep 30, 2014
    1. MatrixTech
      Dude, You going to VapeFest in Philly or what? :)
    2. AnalogsNoMore
      Great Job on the reviews...
      Would like to be a part of the grimm army and your 100th friend here on Ecf. Vape on...
    3. thefinder808
      Hey what's up Grimm I'm a big fan of your reviews...I just sent you a PM but it didn't show up in my sent folder so I'm not sure if it worked or what. I was wondering if you've ever tried any backwoodsbrew, what your top 3 juices are, and what PV you use the most. Thanks man!

    4. whiskey
      :)Back @ ya Grimm G ...Tina!!!
    5. zeroed4x
      The Lord of the Wasteland is here !
      Hope you're working on that next review, can't wait !
      I have to say that you happen to be the most accurate reviewer in cyber vapor space.
      Everything that you have reviewed that I have personal experience with has been dead on.
      Thanks for all that you do Nick.

    6. candy_93454
      I love to watch your youtubes!!
    7. bdRICKYbd
      the living legend.
    8. mondotoker760
      Grimm!....I just watched your review of the dse 905. I was looking at buying one and thought id watch some reviews before i bought it. Well....I saw your review and how the plastic top broke on you 5mins after.Needles to say....I didnt buy the POS...Thanks for saving me 60 bux and a whole lotta disappointment!

      Vape on bro!
    9. Nilius
      Big Fan

      and "Keep on Vaping!"
    10. DonDaBoomVape
      What a guy! [And take a look at my recent The Best Electronic Cigarette for a First-time Vaper in the Electronic Cigarette Reviews forum. It won me a gold-plated ProVape-1.:D]
    11. DonDaBoomVape
      Well, Nick! I stop in to look at your profile and it shows your "Current Activity" as viewing my WWV Illustrated Guide! I am honored. - Don
    12. Xanax
      GRIMMGREEN! I watch your videos all the time. Just lettin you know! I bet you have a huge vape stash!
    13. rflano
      hey grimm im a big fan of your vids on youtube how long would a joye 510 atty last ?
      iv been looking around for a while and iv been getting answers from about a month to 3 months so i thought id ask you ( i know you just replace them as you said in a vid ) im just curious as im just about to buy a starter kit and i wont be able to buy anything online for a while so im just wondering how many id have to stock up for 9 months say :D are you still playing the guitar ? and yet another question is that you playing guitar in the intro's of your vids ?
      thanks rflano
    14. ZERO
      Keep up the great work bro!:thumbs:
    15. truelove
      Don't forget to give me a shout on your video if you win!
      BTW thank you for thanking me for the link, your the only one who did.
    16. truelove
    17. Explicit
      Hey Man! Love your youtube videos. Watched most of them before deciding on my first purchase. Keep up the good work !
    18. EcA2AcE
      Hey my Friend, I would Like you to Drop a "Visitor Message" on my Page/Profile telling me 1. Eliquid or Cartomizer? 2. Favorite Flavor to answer # 1 from "Puresmoker"? & 3. What mg of Nic?

      Because Im a Curious Person [​IMG]

    19. EcA2AcE
      I Was thinkin how cool it woulld be to watch you, Mooby, & Gotthelife4u get together and review vapers & eliquids in one video, like a debate, I think that would be cool cause all three of ya are good and strong in your opinion, what do ya think of that one for a vid idea, Im looking into getting a webcam, I think it is cool but am going to keep learning first, I will tell ya a Good Teaching Vid which I have not seen is a Vid of the "Step by step" to dripping and vaping a mod with all the things to watch for, to do or not to do, etc etc, I was watching the videos carefully and trying to see what the dripping was going on to,,,You could label it "Dripping for Dummies" LOL, When I do a Video it will be like a Instructional but 1st i want all the facts, You Should do one!, Then Ill Learn some more, Keep In Touch my friend and Thank You Again!

      Kenny & Nicole
    20. EcA2AcE
      Hey Grimm My Friend, I just wanted to Thank you as well for your reviews, You played a Part in my learning and Decision Making, Thanks a Bunch, Also your Vids are getting Better in my opinion each time ya do one, Hell ya got me thinkin of doing them lol, Hey Thanks Again!
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    Apr 6, 1977 (Age: 42)
    Carson City, Nevada, United States
    ACRS Tech, I Roast your coffee
    Facebook user ID:
    Vapercon, Helping, Libertarian, Science, Vaping
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