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Sep 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2009
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Apr 6, 1977 (Age: 42)
Carson City, Nevada, United States
ACRS Tech, I Roast your coffee

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Unregistered Supplier, 42, from Carson City, Nevada, United States

ECF Veteran
GrimmGreen was last seen:
Sep 30, 2014
    1. bensteffen23
      NICE! that's what I was thinking Jack&Coke vapin :) Sure would work good for those nights out at the local watering hole ;) Thanks man and keep up the good work! Gotta go finish catching up on your silver bullet review.
    2. bensteffen23
      Hey Seth! You ever consider doing a review on Whiskey flavored juice? I pretty much only listen to your reviews now since you have been SPOT on with all the ones I've watched ;)
    3. jgrubb
      Whats up bro. I need your help again man. LoL. So what is exactly the difference in the RN attys and SLB? All i've ever had are the "high bridge" SLB's from ruyandirect since you said they have great attys in one of your videos... Using the 801 on the prodigy. Not sure the difference in the "high/low" bridge and performance of them.. Thanks man...
    4. Nicotine
      Hi Grimm,
      Seen you quite a few times on Youtube and thought you would be the guy to ask about compatability. I love the kissbox classic atty, but would love to have a battery with LED... Ooo for blue :) I dont mind buying a new charger if it needs one or manual or autoswitched, all I want is cool vaping I get with my kissbox but glow in the dark effects:)
      Any advise on Vendors would be much appreciated. Nic
    5. Bearwalk
      I totally respect your oppinion sir. Watching your Youtube vids is what helped me choice a PV over smoking, thanks. I think of you as the goto guy for info. This is a choice that needs a learning curve. Thanks to people like you, I know I will not fall into the traps of most newbie Vapors. I can't afford to kill off my gear by making stupid mistakes. Thanks again for all the honest info. You tell it as you see it. I respect what I reguard to be a "No Bull****" pollicy I see in your reviews. I have no tollerance for anybody that seems to be a company kiss .... Besides, on a personal tilt, I dig your music! lol, keep up the good brother, peace!
    6. SailorJack
      I've been wondering when somebody was going to get around to doing video reviews for the other RY flavors. And who do I find doing them? You certainly do cover a lot of territory. I've read reviews on the RY flavors that had some cool info. But, as usual, yours were quite different and provided some really useful insight. Thanks again for all that you do. =^D
    7. CentroniX
      Love the reviews, keep up the good work... "Fisting?" Haha, love it! /b/
    8. Father Luke
      Father Luke

      - -
      Father Luke
    9. JukeboxRomeo
      hey just wanted to say i think you have some of the best reviews out there
    10. Casey@PS
      consider yourself visited :) now i'm going to go respond to the mountain of pms that came in over the weekend! lol hope the swamp donkey rocked the swamp! ;) yes, i'm dorky. i know....
    11. solonguniverse
      You know I was about to bring up High on Fire. I just tried to get into them a bit ago and couldn't for the life of me. I can't imagine Torche live, though. They're brutal enough on a pair of earbuds. There is a band you really need to listen to, though. Disregard the name and the ridiculous video. If not for the name I think they'd be one of the most popular metal bands in the last 5 years. YouTube - GOBLIN **** - "We've Got A Bleeder" Music Video - Directed By Matt Hoyt
    12. solonguniverse
      That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. One of my friends' bands opened for Monster Magnet a few years back, but I'd still rather catch a Torche concert. I really want to move out to the desert if only for the crushing metal.
    13. solonguniverse
      Kyuss rules. Have you listened to Torche?
    14. elevenzen
      Your 510 in the dash video made me laugh, you had the best attitude...made it so much fun to watch.
    15. Moobyghost
      Did you read the comment I left for you in my video review ginseng thread?
    16. xLowEndx
      Updated that thread for you with pics.
    17. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Let me know how that jager flavor (red bull licorice)
    18. undyingguitarist
      nice to meet you man, i found out about ecf from your reviews on youtube, thanks a million for all the great advice!!
    19. xLowEndx
      Oooh. The headstocks look similar. Anyways, I dig your vids man. Go juice giveaway!
    20. xLowEndx
      Go BASS!!! I've been playing for about 9 years now. Is that an Ibanez?
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    Apr 6, 1977 (Age: 42)
    Carson City, Nevada, United States
    ACRS Tech, I Roast your coffee
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    Vapercon, Helping, Libertarian, Science, Vaping
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