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Dec 1, 2019
Apr 12, 2013
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Columbia, TN, USA

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Dec 1, 2019
    1. HazMatt
      Before you take a powered draw from the atty, take a "cold" draw, without pressing the fire button. You should hear or feel a slight gurgle. You will learn how much gurgle is right, with experience.

      Depending on how you draw, you can get 2-6 draws before you need to drip some more juice. Again, you will learn to feel and/or hear when you need to drip, with experience. If the flavor starts to taste a little burned, drip some more juice.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you.would like some more pointers.
    2. HazMatt
      Some have a primer, some do not. I only have experience with Joyetech attys and they do have primer in them.

      Before I use a new atty, I blow the primer out. To do this, loosely cover the open end with a paper towel and blow through the threaded end. I blow as hard as I can a couple times. Then, roll up a corner of the paper towel and dab the excess primer out of the open end of the atty. Next, blow through the threaded end a couple more times and dab again with a new corner of the paper towel.

      After blowing out the primer the atty should be ready to use. When dripping, I use a 510 to 510 sealed adapter and a drip shield. This helps prevent juice from leaking all over the place, if/when you over drip. If you are using a bridgeless atty, drip 4-6 drops of e-juice. Bridged attys usually need 6-10 drops to start....
    3. mommafish
      Hello there! I was serching for info on bridgless 510 attys and came across a post u made. I was wondering if u could help me out when I first get it will it have primer in it if so how do I get it out? Do I put 4-5 drops in it then fire the battery and inhale. Or do I do something else?
      Thank for the help
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  • About

    Columbia, TN, USA
    I smoked for over 17 years. I started vaping on April the 24th, 2013. The last analog I smoked was at 1 a.m. on April the 27th. Even though I had quit a few times in the past, I now believe I will be smoke free for the rest of my life.

    Vaping is more than just the way I stopped smoking, it is now also a hobby. I started with Twist/Spinner style batteries. Then progressed through a Vamo V2, SiD, Magneto and I have come full circle and now use regular 3.7v ego batteries when on the go.

    I have tried almost every clearo released, name brand and Fasttech knockoffs, until I got to the Kanger Protank 2s. The Mini Protank 2 is my go to clearo when out and about. The full size Protank 2 is on my Vamo or SiD at home. I rebuild the heads on my Protanks. This is why I prefer regular 3.7v egos when on the go. I don't need to turn up the voltage with my own 1.6-1.9 ohm builds.

    I am now dabbling in mech mods, RDAs and dripping. I have a Magneto mech and a few low end RDAs, IGO-T, a couple mini Smok Techs and an A6 mini 3 post RDA. While I love the extra flavor and vapor that they offer, I would rather use a clearo, while away from the house.

    I have vaped more e-liquids than I can name. I have used pg/vg ratios from 80/20 to 30/70. I prefer 70/30 or 60/40 pg/vg in my clearos and higher vg content when dripping. For everyday/budget friendly e-liquids I actually like Liqua brand. Traditional Tobacco, Energy Drink, Mints, and Berry Mix are my favorite flavors. I use RDAs and drip more "high end" juices. My favorite flavor is Pineapple Express by Vigilante Vapor. I am still searching for the perfect berry blend flavor.

    I have used nicotine content from 6mg to 36mg. I started with 36mg and dropped to 24mg in a week or two. 36mg is just too high for me. I now prefer 18mg in my Protank 2s and 9mg when using my RDAs. I am slowly lowering the nicotine content I use. Maybe one day, I will also be nicotine free.

    I also enjoy target shooting with anything from 22lr to 3" Magnum 12 gauge slugs. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as being at the range with a few trusted friends...Baretta, Glock, Ruger, Winchester.

    Firearms Enthusiast (gun nut ;-) and vapaholic
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