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Jan 2, 2012
Jun 30, 2010
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Nov 1, 1971 (Age: 50)
New York
I'm currently a student learning medical transcrip

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Ultra Member, 50, from New York

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Jan 2, 2012
    1. blindsoup
      That one worked just fine....thank you
    2. blindsoup
      thanks much for the message!! i will do my absolute best to make it and as of now, its looking great.. please re-post the link, current one is not working....cheers
    3. Kram7
      Thanks for the invite Heather...I live in the Albany area and although 4hrs by car aint bad, I have some prior engagements. Keep me posted for the next one.
    4. Sallana
      That week is open for me as far as I know... but it's hard to plan so far in advance, lol. I never know what's going on. Wish it was just a little closer than Rochester. 2 1/2 hrs isn't bad, but Ithaca would have been sooooooooo much easier for me... I'll see if I can make it. Is there a RSVP by date?
    5. Liv2Ski
      Hello Heather - Thanks for the nice message and the invite. I would love to join but will be traveling for work that week.
    6. Surf Monkey
      Surf Monkey
      Happy birthday!
    7. sl_rat
      hey Heather... are you able to get into our old topics/ posts? i click our group and i only see 5...?????
    8. Tdubya
      I read somewhere that higher mg Nic will distort the flavor of some liquids. Have your husband try one of yours at 18mg and see if he can tell the difference....that is if you don't mind sharing
    9. OldCoot
      the thread is closed on your mixing question, but the person that responded was wrong with his answer..
      if you are gonna mix the vanilla and chocolate,,mix 20% of the 0mg with 80% of the 18mg,,that will give you approximately 15.6mg juice, then add it to your coffee juice..see if you mix 0% juice with 18mg juice at a 50/50 ratio you get 9mg juice. it cuts it in half. hope this helps you!
    10. HeatherC
      I don't have a problem with healthy debate. And yes I'm a believer...but i'm married to an atheist so I deal with that on a daily basis. And I had no problem with you or anything you said. She was willing to defend herself against people who were not using the bible to justify what they were saying but when the bible was used to refute what she said she shut down and ignored me and then accused me of hijacking her post because she no longer had a defense. That kind of bible thumper really bothers me.
      And it's like I said in the want to convert someone do it by action not by words. But again that just IMO and we all know what that comes down to LOL
      Thanks for your message I appreciate it.
      will live in East Pembroke which is about 30 mins east of buffalo and about 40 mins west of rochester :). There is a upstate NY social group too....not many of us in it yet tho....Kinda hoping we could get enuff of us together to maybe do a vapefest in this area someday
    11. suddenly
      Hi HeatherC

      I didn't want you to think I was upset with anything you said. I have had the merry go round with Lisa before. She usually only attacks nonbelievers, but then again those are the ones who like to debate with her. She likes it that way. When I saw her attacking another Christan I was shocked. She went too far this time. With you there, she was no longer the main attraction. And you saw for yourself that the atheists were a lot nicer to you than Lisa was. Watch out for those two they are real nice guys but they love to fight, even with each other. lol Bones is a walking encyclopedia and SurfMonkey is close behind.
      Welcome to our world

      PS I am from upstate NY also!!!
      Lisa was a JW for 7 yrs
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    Nov 1, 1971 (Age: 50)
    New York
    I'm currently a student learning medical transcrip
    Married and we have a 15 year old son

    computer games, I love to read and anything else thats fun to do


    [​IMG]"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief" Gerry Spence.
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