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Feb 12, 2020
Jan 26, 2010
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Factotum (Product Designer)

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Vaping Master, Male, from Indiana

ECF Veteran
Hoosier was last seen:
Feb 12, 2020
    1. bcollier9253
      Hey fellow Hoosier! You stated earlier today to somebody asking about their bottles,"Yet, when X happens to polycarb plastic, they expect X to happen to polypro plastic. For some reason people who know that not all metals are alike also think that all plastics are alike and react the same".

      I remember you being in a conversation about the same topic a while back but I can't remember what you said is best to use if one is using plastic bottles, polypro or polycarb. Which is it? Thanks man for your time!
    2. DanG
      Is there any B&M stores in NWI. you know of. I found one in Valpo but I was hoping to find a couple stores to look at different brands styles ect. Thanks, buy the way this will be my first vaping purchace.
    3. Meatwad
      Hoosier, I seek sage advice regarding flavoring diy, I heard tell of a blog you have, filled with the secrets to free me from the terror of aromatic vapors with no flavor. Please, when you have the time, point me in the right direction. Thank you.
    4. Litcube
      Hello, sir. I just wanted to thank you for your advice you provided on the Veteran's forum. I can't reply to it because it's closed, but your altruism is appreciated!
    5. TH'er
      Very Imformative blogs, Thanks for sharing!
    6. dragonbone
    7. TheDarthVap3r
      yeah i agree wit that. im having suprisingly more fun looking at the vast amount of accessories , drip tips cartos ect and mixing liquids that im seeing it as more of a hobby and an interest rather than an "alternative". and you cant really put a price on hobbies now can you, aslong as its without your own budget.
    8. TheDarthVap3r
      i wll be checking your blogs as advised tomorrow but its very late here now so im thanking you in advance :).

      i also like how your signature says 15k analogues avoided but 0$ saved , i guess your pouring a lot of money into vaping instead !. even as a novice i have spent over £300 on various attys and bateries , eliquids and such. hoping the cost will go down soon !
    9. dragonbone
      Welcome! Thanks to you too!
    10. dragonbone
    11. tree
      Not even close to being able to post pictures. Found out how to send you a message by mistake. If I can get my very busy daugher,( full time job, two pre-school kids, going for her masters) to find a few minutes next time she visites from out of state she can help me. Ian didn't stain these just rubed with teak oil. Was thinking of staining golden oak then , polyurethane. Really like to protect them,not sure if body heat would make them tacky. Any thoughts?
    12. tree
      Thanks for all the help with battery issues. Just figured out how to leave you a message. Wanted to let you know Touchwoods arrived yesterday. He was short on wood so I sent him a block of red oak left over form project, they are beautiful.
    13. misterkai
      I've learned so much from your posts and really value your opinions. Thanks for all your contributions to the ECF community!
    14. Lost Boy
      Lost Boy
      thanks for the "like" Hoosier......I have just ordered a selection of 35mm & 50mm Boge carts in LR and SR to some "Grizwolds" Choc Orange (bloody luvly!!) and Ice Cherry to try in em!
      Loving this forum for info and ideas!
      I am also off to my first "Vapefest" on 19th May in Tamworth UK with a vaping buddy from work....I am excited like my kids get at christmas lol
      All the best,

      Lost Boy
    15. hubseven
      Into diying all the way. Tried capellas first but there stuff was just to weak mixing percentages went through the roof, so now I'm using TPA. Generally find that TPA flavors more potent. Still, can flavor percentage get up to 15 to 20% with some TPA flavors? I like strong taste. Just made batch of Black Honey at 8% and it tasted good also added 2 drops of acv. Do you add any vinegar to your tobacco mixes. Thanks, Hub
    16. Mellow
      Thanks for the detailed reply man
    17. DietSalem
      Oh and that juice you left here, I don't remember what you said it was - but market it as "sprite" or "7-up". That is EXACTLY what it tastes like. It's good.
    18. DietSalem
      I just had a sad moment - I went to drip more juice because I needed another drop or two. Then I realized that was your white peach and I don't have any. haha =(
    19. Kay1959
      Thanks for the like Hoosier! I'm doing so ding dang darn good! I'z so happy you could wrap me up in a little bag and call me a 'Happy Meal'!:laugh:
    20. kblush
      I really appreciate your telling me which ones you use! I may need them if I'm not crazy about the Boge cartos. Have a nice weekend! :)
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  • About

    Factotum (Product Designer)
    Smoked American Spirit Non-Filters
    (I have no affiliation with any vendor that has Hoosier in their name other than we all live in Indiana)

    Leatherworking, Gaming, Fishing, Firearm Instructor for BSA, also costuming and free haunted houses
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