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Aug 24, 2015
Jul 10, 2013
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Feb 11, 1993 (Age: 28)
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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Full Member, 28, from Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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Aug 24, 2015
    1. ilych
      wow thanks a lot man. I just upgraded from a cigalike so this is a big change for me.
      gonna try doing this later
    2. ElectricalSocket
      cont. 3)
      Keep in mind, in a clearo it's your suction that's pulling juice into the coil area, not the magical "wicking" properties of silica or cotton. Flooding=too much suction. Burning the wick=Not enough. You'll know when you're singing the cotton because it actually hurts/irritates your throat. Also, think of a wick like a filter, there are flavor molecules that get trapped in it. I'm assuming that the more compact a wick is, the quicker it'll "gunk up". After a few days is best to change it out, or every night if you want the best flavor.

      Anything else just ask :)
    3. ElectricalSocket
      cont. 2) Cut the excess off on both sides, use another piece to place on top of the coil, and BAM good to go. Well, obviously let some juice sit on the wicks for at least 30. If you aren't patient, just use it. If it singes, oh well. Just keep that excess boiled cotton ball in a ziplock bag and you're good on wicks for a long time.

      Also, I say make a "flavor wick" so that there's no juice leakage. I've gotten away with using just one wick if it's fat enough and I fray the ends enough. You want that silicone seal to at least touch the wick, or push it down slightly.

      I noticed I can keep the wick from burning as long as I cover at least one of the four air passages (the rectangular ones from those two grooves). If I cover one, I need to inhale good and strong, not just slowly hit it. If I cover two of those holes, flavor is a bit better but I need to inhale slower to not flood it.
    4. ElectricalSocket
      Pshhh there's never a silly question. Trying to learn all of this in a short amount of time is information overload.

      Boil a ball for a good 10 min, dump the water and replace it, boil another 10 min. Obviously you could do longer, but the 30min-1hr recommendations I've seen are probably overkill.

      Dry off the ball, maybe let it dry for a bit if you want. Pull it apart and grab a piece with semi parallel strand (does not have to be perfect). Let's wider than 4 toothpicks. Now, you want to press it together, but not really twist it up into a spiral. I'll kinda mush it together from different sides and then roll it in my fingers as if I was rolling a toothpick or something hard in my fingers. Rolling but not twisting. So now you have this thing that looks cylindrical in the middle and a mess on the ends. Get some scissors and nip an end so there's no fray. If it's a little too big just wet your finger and roll the tip smaller. Stick that sucker through the coil.
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    Feb 11, 1993 (Age: 28)
    Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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