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Jul 12, 2020
Feb 13, 2009
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Athens, Hellas
GG builder

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Unregistered Supplier, Male, from Athens, Hellas

ECF Veteran

I really cant answer your question fry. But in generaI I use 0,32-0,35 and 0,4mm wire. Nov 30, 2015

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Jul 12, 2020
    1. Heatherport
      When are you going to make me one of those sexy ecigs? ;)
    2. imeothanasis
      because there is no other material allen. People that make juices have to be more careful of the ingredients they put on their juices
    3. allentu
      How can I safely use a ithaka with menthol/citrus type of juices without cracking the tank? Why not use another material than the one that was use since the Atty is already $200usd
    4. imeothanasis
      post a pic on GG forum and I will tell you the material Chad my friend:)
    5. chadtoledo
      Hi Imeo. Good day.
      This is Chad, from the Philippines. I own a 1614 GG, my uncle gave it to me and i just wanna know, what kind of GG i have. Hehe. Been using it for roughly 4 months now, didn't know its something really special until a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to send/post the picture but am having a hard time looking on how to post it here. Am using my phone at the moment.
      All i know about my GG is, it has a so called stealth top cap, middle tube, tube with wings and the gg on it, by imeo, serial 1614, bottom vent cap.
      Just wanna know what kind of gg it is. Rev 1. Rev 2 or whatever hehe.
    6. imeothanasis
      Things are exactly as you said Ali:)
    7. Alireza355
      hi imeo. i have pre-ordered ithaka on cloudsofvapor, but i have a question: on their website, it seems the mouthpiece that comes with the ithaka is the gg mouthpiece, and if you want the one that accepts your own driptip, you have to order it seperately, is that right? i dont want the one that acceptd driptip. please clarify, thanks a lot
    8. imeothanasis
      be well my friend tax. Happy new year to you too buddy:)
    9. tazieff
      Happy New Year Imeo :toast:
    10. imeothanasis
      Thank you very much kevin!. I wish you all your dreams come true:):)
    11. k3v1n
      Happy New Year Imeo.

      Your friend,


    12. imeothanasis
      Thank you very much Edward my good friend. I too wish you a very very happy new year and all the happiness of the world!
    13. fed71
      Congratulations Happy New Year!
      I wish you a new year, a lot of happiness, luck and love. :)



      Best Regards

    14. imeothanasis
      thank you ash, you have my best wishes for you and your family:)
    15. *ASH*
      Merry X-Mass to you , your wife and daughter bro , may god bless you all.
    16. imeothanasis
      thank you very much my dear Moeei. I too wish you these Christmas to bring you all the happiness of the world:)
    17. morri
      Happy Holidays to you and you family and a joyful and prosperous New Year!

    18. imeothanasis
      Thank you wolf my friend. GGTS is the ultimate mechanical machine and I am very glad that you are happy with it. Take care buddy:)
    19. wolfmandu
      So,I just received my 1st GGTS from COV and if there's any way for Imeo to hear this,I want you to know that this GGTS is a like a finely tuned racing machine.And beautiful,beautiful ,BEE-YOOT-TEE-FOOL.I LOVE IT!!!! Just thought you should know.And anyone else who is on the fence about buying one of these.Now that it's in my hands,$200 doesn't seem like big money at all for this piece of indestructible art. Have a good one...
    20. jellis1414
      Hello Imeo,

      I was wondering if you could help me find the best way to obtain a GG stealth? I am really intersted in you products, but cannot find a way to obtain a new one?

      Thank you sir.

      Jason Ellis
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    Home Page:
    Athens, Hellas
    GG builder
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