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Apr 12, 2020
Feb 13, 2009
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Athens, Hellas
GG builder

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Unregistered Supplier, Male, from Athens, Hellas

ECF Veteran

I really cant answer your question fry. But in generaI I use 0,32-0,35 and 0,4mm wire. Nov 30, 2015

imeothanasis was last seen:
Apr 12, 2020
    1. imeothanasis
      wonderful pic Red!!! You, morri and priorities post the best gifs ever made!
    2. Reddhott
    3. imeothanasis
      Thats great chrom, I am very glad buddy!
    4. chromeheart
      thank u imeo. A generous GG owner offered me the parts this morning.
      My GGTS will be revived.
      Thanks again:)
    5. imeothanasis
      i send you a pm chrom
    6. chromeheart
      Hi Imeo,
      I have a fairly old Nickel plated GGTS.
      Due to time, wear and tear the nickel on the bottom tube ,where the button,
      has finally flaked doesn't look good at all.
      Is there a possibility of purchasing the engraved ss tube thru
      Vassilis or am i a bit too late for that?
      Please help...i don't want to leave it at home because it doesn't
      look as good as it used to
    7. imeothanasis
      magnets will not help you much Ph. Better for you to order a new GGTB button that have brass contacts and it has adjustable path. They will be available in about 2 months
    8. PhreakySTS9
      Hello, Imeo! I was wondering if it's still possible to find the set of the 3 rare earth magnets to put in GGTB buttons to help them fire better? I can't find them anywhere! Thank you for everything! GGTB, Ody drip mode and Penelope!
    9. MamaBird
      Thank you Imeo :)
    10. imeothanasis
      I dont remember about what post you are talking about rag my friend but better you send me a pm about this:)
    11. RANGERmsr
      hope I didn't offend you with that post that was deleted
    12. imeothanasis
      use white gasoline for threads or aceton and a very thin sandpaper for the button contacts krazy
    13. krazykj03
      Hello sir, im new to vaping and i have a ggts. i was wondering what i can use to clean it? or what is the best to use that you recommend?
    14. imeothanasis
      You want many items that arent in stock buddy. I am very sorry about this.

      If you want to connect Ody drip mode on GGTS you need a 901 to 510 adapter
    15. milkdudes007
      :toast::toast:I have GGTS COV Edition and what to connect a GG ody drip mode v2 rebuildable togeather what do I need and I know:2cool: MR master of the maker of the GG :vapor: :2cool:I also want to order a GGTS SS,GG Stealth,Oddy V2 and a Penelope from Cloudes of Vapor in the US are you starting over with the orders again or do I start now because of the bit of confusion a stuff taken. :(thanks again and let me know.:toast:
    16. define
      oops wrong place
    17. cardboardcutout
      oops sorry,i posted in the wrong place
    18. imeothanasis
      GGTS hasnt changed nos my friend. Its the same as the previous batch.
    19. noslacker
      Hi, Is the GGTS available soon modified from the other model or is it a reboot of production of a great product, I really want one, and I have my lonely Penelope sitting waiting, so I was just wondering if it was an updated model. You make the best products available, I love my Penelope, and I can't imagine what she will do with a GGTS.
    20. imeothanasis
      So nice words from a girl's mouth can make every man very happy my dear:)
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    Athens, Hellas
    GG builder
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