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Apr 12, 2020
Feb 13, 2009
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Athens, Hellas
GG builder

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Unregistered Supplier, Male, from Athens, Hellas

ECF Veteran

I really cant answer your question fry. But in generaI I use 0,32-0,35 and 0,4mm wire. Nov 30, 2015

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Apr 12, 2020
    1. priorities
      Thank you for holding that contest..that was very thoughtful and generous of you Imeo...take good care....{{{{hugs}}}} Pri [​IMG]
    2. imeothanasis
      Να εισαι καλα thepar, και εγω σε ευχαριστω πολυ
    3. thepar
      Θαναση σε ευχαριστουμε
    4. tattootom
      super thank you my friend
    5. imeothanasis
      i am glad you receive it buddy.
      stealth preorders will come after the GGTS and UFS production, that is in about 2,5 months
    6. tattootom
      hello imeo,got slim button from vassili, thank you very much again, so there is another question: when is presale for stealthparts? i need retrether and cap in ss and brass.
    7. Morpheus
      okay i'm not gonna swell your head anymore then it is,thats right i'm not going to tell you that i have wanted a GG since i first started to Vape i would dream about owning one.
      then last week i ran into COV bruce and now i own a GGTB and waiting on a Penolope
      thank you Imeo ;-)
    8. KOSTAS1979R
      Γεια σου Θανάση:)
    9. imeothanasis
      axaxa, wonderful post, thanks a lot Rose, be well buddy:):)
    10. Roseblue
      WOW! I've owned a GGTS since 11/11. I follow the forums and check COV almost daily... I own GGTS, Ody, Penelope, ... everything about the GG products scream quality & class.... I as well as thousands of others are DAILY loving your inventions... we love talking about our GG's, vaping our GG's... always looking for our GG's.. haha! And the way you handle yourself on the forums! You're amazing... Truly the Golden Greek. You're mind is genius and your people skills are outstanding as well.... truly a great mind of our time. My GG is one of my most cherished possessions.... I love it, It's the best out there.... period. utmost respect to you Imeo. You make vaping pimp as ....... :vapor: I could quit vaping if I could only get away from my gg addiction! :rickroll: Loving it all my friend................
    11. tattootom
      hello imeo,i am thomas from austria,i will ask you if you have an slim botton (last version) for me, i tryed hard to find used one and cant get one anywhere! maybe you have a used one in your sparebox at home? hope you can help me,thank you
    12. imeothanasis
      thanks a lot rocky:)
      Tell your wife that you just look and you dont buy anything, she will feel better!!
    13. rocky111
      Keep up the good work Imeo! Your the only maker i know that instantly replies to any inquiry about your product via pm or forum, thats what you call customer service. BTW my fiance is mad at you coz she thinks im using up all our money on your GG products! :evil: All the best!!!!
    14. imeothanasis
      καλο μηνα Γιωργο
    15. crypton
      καλο μηνα !
    16. imeothanasis
      μηπως κανω και τιποτα αλλο ρε Γιωργο, ολο τρεχω και το ωραιο ειναι οτι δεν φτανω αχαχαχα
    17. crypton
      hi thanasis go go go go:laugh:
    18. imeothanasis
      thanks cliff:)
    19. cliffy1
      Hi Imeo I gave you the wrong name for me on Skype sorry it should have been kingtut1948
    20. imeothanasis
      Thank you very much Tako. Be well my friend:)
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    Athens, Hellas
    GG builder
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