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Jul 12, 2020
Feb 13, 2009
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Athens, Hellas
GG builder

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Unregistered Supplier, Male, from Athens, Hellas

ECF Veteran

I really cant answer your question fry. But in generaI I use 0,32-0,35 and 0,4mm wire. Nov 30, 2015

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Jul 12, 2020
    1. Kinotto
      gg odysseus is fantastic, now i wait penelope :) thanks genius!
    2. imeothanasis
      axaxaxa, thanks buddy, be well my friend:)
    3. supervape
      All Hail IMEO!! All Hail IMEO!!! Yes yes Imeo is da man with the best gear available to satisfy ALL vapers:) Now to wait for my tracking number to come in Love the excitement you provide your fans!
    4. bigoted
      Imeo Please help me out ASAP ! please contact me on ASAP
    5. imeothanasis
      I thank you too my friend super, be always well buddy:)
    6. supervape
      Thanks for all you do in the community and thank you for such high quality products at reasonable price.. Thank Imeo!
    7. imeothanasis
      thanks for your nice words mykl my friend:)

      There is no list for any GG exept for penelope and proteus but its closed. That doesnt mean that you will not be able to buy your unit when they will be available. The only you need is to be quick enough to buy one when they come for sale

      GGStealth doesnt exist for the moment, only Odysseus Penelope and GGTS will be ready soon. 10 days for Odysseus, 20 days for Penelope and 30 days for GGTS:)
    8. mykL
      I'm really a fan of your unique and sophisticated creations. Wish I could get hold of a penelope & proteus unit, I've already messaged but still haven't received a reply :confused:. Also I want a GG Stealth with a chosen serial number and nickname but the Thread is not allowing me to post or reply to secure a unit :unsure: .

      Can you please help me sir to secure one of your limited items? I'm new to vaping and read some threads about different E-Cigarette types, models etc.. and come across with Golden Greek production line. As I can see it, It's a new innovation of its kind from the material build, pioneering technology and details crafted to perfection :thumb: . I really wanted my first E-Cigarette to be Golden Greek and personalized, I can see it in my shelve as I continue to collect GG Editions :).
    9. imeothanasis
      Thanks a lot Rocky, be well buddy:)
    10. rocky111
      Just wanna commend you for your great products!
    11. imeothanasis
      thanks a lot for your nice words Tom.:)
      I am glad you like GG series and be sure that more stuff is coming soon buddy
    12. TomWaits4U
      Hi Imeo,

      thank you for adding me. 2 Weeks ago, I was able to buy a SS GGTS with ody and upgrade kit. I thought this would be a good buy. But unfortunately it was the worst buy I ever did!!! Why???
      Because, now I know how perfect an e-cigarette can be and I want to buy more GG-Stuff. But I can´t find. :mad: I really get mad, with people, that bought all the GG-Parts and Mods just to enrich themselves... Therefor I hope to get a possibility to buy two of the new GGTS and Ody´s on e-cigz-London.

      You did a great job, Imeo! Keep on.

    13. imeothanasis
      in about 10 days I will have new buttons mazaki so you will be able to buy a new one from my sellers:)
    14. mazaki
      Hi Imeo,
      I bought a GGTS #282,
      but the switch button has broken, please tell me how and where I can get one.:)

      Thank you.

    15. imeothanasis
      no casi, sorry buddy
    16. Casinellia
      Hello Imeo, Just wanted to ask you a question. Does the AVS flat mouthpiece fit the UFS?
    17. imeothanasis
      1 month for Ody and 1,5 month for GGTS Nite:)
    18. Nitemaxx
      Hello Imeo...Been on the Clouds of Vapor list for a long time for a GG Odysseus to mate with my GG Stealth. When will the next release be ? Thanks - Nite
    19. imeothanasis
      σε λιγο θα γραφουμε Ελληνικα Θανο!
    20. zetel
      γεια σου θαναση!!!!

      να δω τωρα πως θα σε συνηθησω να γραφεις αγγλικα!!!! :)
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    Home Page:
    Athens, Hellas
    GG builder
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