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Jul 12, 2020
Feb 13, 2009
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Athens, Hellas
GG builder

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Unregistered Supplier, Male, from Athens, Hellas

ECF Veteran

I really cant answer your question fry. But in generaI I use 0,32-0,35 and 0,4mm wire. Nov 30, 2015

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Jul 12, 2020
    1. imeothanasis
      martha, did you asked bruce about this?

      I am really sorry about your GGTB loss but its out of stock and a discontinoued item so only on classfieds you can find one. As for the rest of GG mods that you want to buy, I am out of stock right now, so even if I tell you what to buy, they just dont exist on the market
    2. Roseblue
      Hello Imeo! I was just wondering when Bruce at Clouds of Vapor will be getting in more stock. I need 2 odysseus's. one for me and one for my lady. I also read somewhere that there may be some AVS's somewhere with one of your suppliers that never sold out??? if so, would you please direct me to where I need to go. I'd love 2 of those too! I'd really like 2 stealth's too! :) any idea on when or how or how soon I could get any of these would be much appreciated. I'm sorry if you get a million messages like this a day... but your GG's are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! cheers my friend!
    3. martha1014
      I have a new GGTS that works great. I also have the one made prior to this new one. The cap on the older one (the thing the atomizers screw into) will no longer let me screw atomizers into either the 801 and the 510. I need a new cap but can't find one.

      I lost my GGTB and want another one but again cannot find one for sale.

      Can you help me find these things that I need. What other mods would be good to purchase?

    4. arth_d
      I cant believe people call you Ime O. Poly Vlakes enai meriki. Yasoo Thanasis.
      form Thanasis.
    5. jongjanx
      hello imeo,

      Just wanna ask do we get a free replacement of the ceramic if we received the ody with a cracked ceramic?
    6. imeothanasis
      you need one more UFS upper body (like the one after the clear window) buddy
    7. Rizzllaa
      hi Imeo my friend was just wondering i have ufs v1 do i need anything to use oddy ufs mode ?
    8. mucbaerchen
      Hello Sakis
      I want to thank you again right thank you for your Massge today. I am waiting very much on the new model. The main thing is are you from once again on the legs better!.
      Loving greetings from Munich
    9. Serpent67
      Thank you buddy. I am honored :)
    10. Six2arms
      Imeo, just got my SSGGTS #639 from COV today and I'm loving it.. Do you know when will Bruce gets the shipment of the iAtty 2? Can't wait for it.. Thanks for the great device! Hugs and Kisses to your little girl. I'll pray for her full recovery.
    11. seanporto
      I was just wondering if and when the UFS will ever be back.
    12. 714pedro
      hi imeo,
      long been wanting a ssggts but since you dont ship to our country (philippines) , maybe you can suggest or help me how i can i purcchase one..

    13. imeothanasis
      I dont know if I will make GGTB again hogie exept I will see a demand for it:)
    14. Hogie
      Imeo! I still love my GGTB! Did you ever make a stainless version of the GGTB? I have a brass one. I have had no problems with it except for having to polish it all the time. LOL
    15. imeothanasis
      I dont really remember Wayne. But please check my channel on youtube to see all the videos, its better this way to my opinion
    16. ComputerWayne
      Imeo, Can you send me the best HD link for building the wire and coil?
    17. imeothanasis
      thank you very much Hola. Iatty2 will be ready as soon as possible. In a few days I will make a review for it
    18. HolaAmigos
      Thank you sharing your video with ECF, I sure appreciate it. I like the Iatty, I would love to try it out.
      To You and Yours :)
    19. imeothanasis
      I send you a pm mikro
    20. mikrosoft
      Hi Imeo will you be selling/sell me lol the top battery tube. i have a stealth and would love to build a full ss ggts or even the whole top section to sell thanks Mike
      Loving the stealth fantastic workmanship.
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    Home Page:
    Athens, Hellas
    GG builder
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