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Apr 10, 2016
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Ottawa area, Canada

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Ultra Member, Male, from Ottawa area, Canada

ECF Veteran

It's the beginning of my info blog: Imfallen_Angel's blog | E-Cigarette Forum Apr 20, 2017

    1. Imfallen_Angel
    2. Imfallen_Angel
      Just trying to stay sane!
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    Ottawa area, Canada
    Been into vaping for over 9 years so to help my wife quit her smoking habit, the only thing that has ever worked for her. I vape because I simply enjoy it.

    I've seen the growth, from when we had to order everything from the darkest corners of the internet, and had to worry if we'd be able to get hardware and liquids or if it would have turned into a time limited fad. As it grew, it was simply great.

    I've been building and rebuilding coils and DIY for a while now, but wished that I would have started much sooner, but at the time, getting proper supplies was very difficult.

    I have lurked for a while and finally decided to join so to assist and help with my experience.


    I will do my best to answer with clear and informative responses, while being open to a bit of joking around.

    Sadly, some are just out to prove something, mostly with wrong information and a bad attitude, turning things into nothing more than a childish contest, and so... if you cross a certain line, as I refuse to call someone names regardless if not in malice but only as a descriptive, you will become part of the selected few that succeeded in reaching my ignore list.

    Just a note about diacetyl:

    I repeat myself from thread to thread about this:

    The whole diacetyl thing... if that would be a problem, you'd be dead already if you ever smoked cigarettes.

    Cigarettes has THOUSANDS of times more diacetyl and every other chemical that the witch hunt is using to scare people with. But you don't hear that in the news, do you? Ever heard of a single smoker getting popcorn lungs?

    What started it all? It was the court case of the pop-corn factory, where the word diacetyl was "THE" magic word that the lawyers used over and over, and even with NO scientific proof that it was the "guilty" chemical, (and not the other dozens of other chemicals these people inhaled at extremely high levels, plus the fact that they were heavy smokers), the word stuck and any mention of it is an instant association to the pop-corn lung scenario.

    Every thread about "diacetyl" is people with the same fears that the lies and propaganda has proven to have worked on them.

    There is nothing, not one thing so far, after over 10 years, that has been showed, reported, etc. to be any sort of recognized and proven health issue with vaping. There is yet to be a single proven and solid scientific result about it causing any harm at all and it's been around in food for decades.

    Every case of anything relating to popcorn lung or such is always linked to studies and such that always state the word "possible" and usually include a huge lists of other possible chemicals, circumstances, etc. Not a single conclusive confirmation. The only thing in common that I've seen/read about about anyone that suffered from this is that they smoked a lot and were exposed to a lot of chemicals at extremely high levels.

    Not one... nope, not a single person admitted to the hospital, treated, found to have any ailment from anything that has to do with vaping.

    Worse than that, I've seen that there's been some studies lately that are being worked on that are showing possibilities that vaping is actually helping people fight lung infections, so on top of everything, vaping might actually be healthy for you.

    The only bad press vaping gets, has only been the stupid people that did not respect lithium batteries and the OHM laws (shorting out their batteries, causing them to vent/explode) or just plain extreme bad luck, as per cell phones/tablets/laptops exploding on people just the same.

    What's in vaping liquid, unless you're getting it in an alley in the back of a truck, there should never be more than 4 things... PG, VG, flavouring, nicotine, the last two being optional, all of them tested and used for decades and proven to have absolutely no ill effect, unless the person has a sensitivity (allergy) to it... and even then, it's just a bit of an irritation, yet to hear anything more than a discomfort or such.

    Now I'm not saying that it's impossible that something could have some effect in time, but at this point, it's simply been blown out of proportion. We have thousands of vapers that's been vaping for close or over 10 years with not a single health issue relating to their vaping and the content of the liquids..


    For anyone that wants to use tanks with cartridge coils, I always recommend the tanks that are part of the Atlantis type cartridge "family"... it's a design that is very proven, as several companies have been making these cartridge coils that are near identical, which gives you a huge selection of types thanks to this.

    The tanks I recommend are:

    Melo 2 (sliding door for top fill is probably the best design in any tank)
    Melo 3 (top fill is screw top)
    iJust (bottom fill)

    Triton (V1 is a lock to close flow and pop-off top, excellent design, very easy, nice metal cage tank. V2, the metal cage was removed and the top is now a screw-top, I prefer V1)

    Scylla (push and twist top fill, neat approach, works well, and you can get an kit version that comes with an RTA, which isn't the greatest but still, it's something to test out if you want to go with RTAs)

    For coils, there's a long list, but the beauty is that most are cross compatible, here's a list of other tanks that I didn't mention here and how compatible they are:

    My preference are the Vaperaso ceramic, which I end up taking apart and rebuilding

    Note: all of these coils are near identical and are easily taken apart and can be rebuilt, and to be honest, every one of the rebuilds Ive done are better than factory made. I support them enough that I made a image guide about this: Vaperrasso cCell rebuilding




    Been in the vaping world for over 10 years now.... been getting deeper into the rabbit hole in the last few years...
    Check my blog for various information about just about everything, from TC, to building, to info about the news items..
    If you're on my ignore list for providing bad info and attitude, I can't see your post and odds are you're probably going on about what got you on that list.
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