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Jan 7, 2019
Sep 24, 2009
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June 10
MS Gulf Coast

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Classifieds Manager, Male, from MS Gulf Coast

Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran
j0ker was last seen:
Jan 7, 2019
    1. Jetmec
      Hi Joker,
      Me again Jetmec no need to delete my thread I just saw that unforeseen deleted all of the unnecessary posts.
    2. Jetmec
    3. jellis1414
      Hi Joker,

      This is jason, and just checking to see if you are online tonight?

    4. HolaAmigos
      Happy Halloween!!

    5. Dark Nexus
      Dark Nexus
      I know your a busy person, especially with the long work days. do you know roughly how long it will take to get verified? just excited to get in the classifieds and hope to find my first PV there. :cheers:
    6. anavidfan
      Hello J0ker, I have a question. I just ordered 100 ft of ceramic silica wick. Its way more than I will ever need. Ive mentioned it to a few people who have been looking for it, guess its hard to come by. It similar to silica that is used for wicks but handles a lot more temp and doesnt come apart or lint up like reg silica. I was wondering if this would be cool to sell on the classies. Not as a forever item. I dont plan on ever being a supplier, but just would like to get rid of some and help out some other members looking for it. Ive given links to some people and they all feel 100 ft is too much to buy. Let me know, thanks
    7. Irvin Castillo
      Irvin Castillo
      how long is verification?
    8. Mad Hitter
      Mad Hitter
      Hi, How do i register as a Mod Builder(Supplier). Having a hard time figuring out how to do this. Thanks
    9. Charlie C
      Charlie C
      I wish to post about 20 odd juices I want to trade only for. Do I really need a picture of each bottle? Want to put the add in clasifieds "For sale or trade" Thanks
      Charlie C
    10. lokivapor
      Just wanting to know why I'm not verified yet I did the netid thing like 3 or 4 days ago
    11. DHumberson
      Hey sorry to bother you, but when trying to send you the netIDme info the second pop up is not coming up with the link to send in the verification form. Any ideas why?

      Sorry worked on pc not my mac
    12. Mr Pink
      Mr Pink
      Edit: Please disregard. (deleted question).
    13. tofucute
    14. HolaAmigos
      Happy Fourth of July, have a safe one!!! :)

    15. Roma
      Would be great if you put possibility ti make MULTIPLY selections in Classified Forum in New Thread Form - Section Shipping.
      I mean for instance want to ship and sell to US and Canada both areas.
      Just change name attribute in the radiobuttons :) accordingly.

      P.S. because for now I need to make two threads one for Canada and second one for US for the same items..
    16. Trento06
      Sent the verification form a few days ago. How long will this take?
    17. Mr.Mann
      Got It! Thanks, j0ker!!!!
    18. Lacedolphin
      W from chat sent me. im having problems getting verified for the classies because me and hubby share the paypal account. My hubby is Redneck Disciple and is already verified. Can you help fix me??
    19. fredtheweatherman
      Hi, just been reading up on your verification processes. Unfortunately I don't use any of the methods you have posted, I.e PayPal, or eBay. I'm also fairly new to this forum so don't think that anybody, let alone three people , would be able to vouch for me. So just out if curiosity, where does this leave me? Without verification, I feel I may not be able to get the full experience from this forum, which had helped me so much over the past few weeks. Apologies if this is the umpteenth message you have had of this kind, but I'm a little lost.
    20. Maile
      Not super computer girl... Just curious if when I signed up for PayPal and became a supporting member if that info would verify me? Still new to all this but didn't want to fill out more stuff if the info is already there.. Let me know if I should still do the PayPal thing or not. Thanks, Maile
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    June 10
    MS Gulf Coast
    Just a nice guy.....sometimes

    Computers, hotrods, motorcycles
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