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Jan 7, 2019
Sep 24, 2009
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June 10
MS Gulf Coast

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Classifieds Manager, Male, from MS Gulf Coast

Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran
j0ker was last seen:
Jan 7, 2019
    1. Ragman
      Verified Member is not clickable.
    2. Ragman
      Joker, I would like to suggest a Co-op on the forum in the Co-Op planning section. How do I become a verified member so I may do so? Thanks.
    3. HolaAmigos
      Happy Easter J0ker :)

    4. classwife
    5. andel11
      Hello Joker

      Sorry to bother but for some reason when I go to my post, the section is blank. They are gone. Could you let me know if something can be done for me to get "My Post" section back

      Linda (andel11 on the forum)
    6. SuperSonic
      Hey dude,
      I was looking for a doorbell, a knocker of some sort...
      (although I wouldn't kick them out of bed...
      not knockers as fine as these -----> ( * )Y( * ) <---- I think they're real... ) a woodblock, an orange juggling snake, a glockenspiel, a smoke signal specialist, an interpreter to convert the smoke signals to vapor signals, a braille typewriter, a xylophone, a sky writer, a physic medium, a tone generator, a high frequency dog whistle, HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey, a band of gypsies, a bounty hunter and I even gave Clint Eastwood a call... just to find out if you were alright.

      For all I know you could be sippin' tropical drinks with Marlon Brando down in Tahiti ...

      2 B Continued...
    7. SuperSonic
      I've walked through every black hole in the universe, looked under every leaf that has ever fallen from a tree, I even spoke in tongues for a few hours just to see if you were hanging with the spirits.... I could have sworn that I saw you frozen in an ice cube at one of the vending stands at Disney World.... but it was only a laser etching. Did you know that Disney laser etches their ice cubes...? Who knew... I almost defrosted a perfectly good ice cube to get you out of there...

      Moving on...

      I'm just waiting on a verification authorization... When you can, that would be great!

    8. sj74
      Hi Joker, I submitted for verification about a day ago and have not received any notification on approval. Will I receive a notice or should I continue to check my member type status to see when I move from member to verified member?
    9. teknojack66
      Hi Joker,

      I am a fairly new member and vaper (analog-free since Oct 2011..yeeha!). I did quite a bit of buying and selling a few months ago (gave and received stellar feedback). I was off the board for a couple of months due to health issues and re-locating, and just logged on again yesterday...where i immediately bought a lavatube with J-tank (probably a dumb move)

      However, i wanted to sell some of my juices which didn't work out, and it seems as if the rules have changed, and I can't make a FS post until I have 300 posts under my belt? Is that correct, or am I overlooking something obvious. If so, could you please advise on how I can make a FS post?

      Thanks, man!

    10. billy02
      H'lo j0ker, I'd like to apologize for my outburst about verification & PayPal yesterday. I realize that you don't have the time to engage in any debates about what should or shouldn't be done on the forum. I really don't even have a need to be verified since my purchases are made elsewhere. In the future I will restrain myself and maintain a sense of decorum. Thank You for your attention.
    11. rob5482
      Hey joker,
    12. Dying2Live
      i started a Group called ProVari Users, for ProVari owners to talk,discuss,advise about the PV, anyway we can get our own Section in the Forums to Communicate easy with one another?
    13. sachavaca
      did you get a pm from me or am i having problems, can i send pm to person that is not online?.
      was trying to contact you about problem i have in classifieds forum
    14. tipsynoodle
      tipsynoodle i am a full member but when i tried to post something a minute ago it says Im not allowed to post?????? i don't spam.....what is going on? thank you.
    15. michaelvapors
      Meetup for Central Texas Vapors for OCTOBER!
      will happen on Wednesday, October 19, 2011
      When: Where:
      Wednesday, October 19, 2011
      7:00 PM
      Casa Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
      1901 W William Cannon Dr # 159
      Austin, TX 78745
    16. lorizubie
      Help.. I put my two e-liquid reviews in the flavor review area. Can you move them for me???
    17. LauraBolyard
      help!! I misspelled vaper in 'You know youre a VAPOR when..." How do I fix it???!!!
    18. n2danexxus
    19. caillel

      I have a vendor that has quoted me a price of .90 cents each for go-go cartomizers.
      The minimum qunatity order that they will process is 500.

      Would this be an acceptable item to represent as a co-op?
    20. STEALTH35
      Just an idea(question) I wanted to ask about. What are your thoughts about a thread in the classified section for( non ecig But lifestyle related items). For example, this might be for items that Vapers healthy and active and techy type items. I think most would be very interested ( I know I would) in looking through this. A cross section of items available might be as follows: Camping gear- tents, used hiking boots, .... :tech items: used radios, two way radios, short wave, Reading material, computer web cameras. Items like these.
      Just a thought I had which, IMO would enhance the time spent here at ECF.
      Thanks for listening.
      final thought: this forum would have strong disclaimer associated with it. (Buyer Beware) type.

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    June 10
    MS Gulf Coast
    Just a nice guy.....sometimes

    Computers, hotrods, motorcycles
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