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Jul 28, 2018
Oct 24, 2008
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Super Member, from Atlanta, GA

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Jul 28, 2018
    1. Uncle Pennybags
    2. RazorNribbonz
      Hi Jaxx,
      So what I sent you was wrong?.... I know I waaay over explained it..But I have 3 friends that I have converted to e-cigs, they all work full time and are waiting for me to figure out how to cut juice and let them know, two of them are worse at math then me lol.. ( the pressure the pressure lol) I figured the over explanation would take care of all of them....
      However, I read what you sent and it totally makes sense.. If mine is right too.. I'll hand them both and forget it.... If not, they'll get just yours and they can come read if they need more info...Thanks bunches Jaxx, hope your business is going great :: smile:: ( love my menthol crystals!)
    3. RazorNribbonz
      1st example> Turning 36mg's into> 6 ml's of 8 mg e-liquid
      (Step 1)..Take the amount of ml's you want to end up with, ( lets say 6 ml's)....Then you want to times (x's) that by the finale strength of nicotine that you want to end up with ( lets say, an 8 mg juice...>>
      6ml x 8mg = 48
      (Step 2)..Take that answer ( 48) and divide it by the strength you're trying to cut down, lets say a 36 mg >>
      48 divided by 36mg = 1.33
      So you would use 1.33 ( one and a third) ml's of your 36 mg juice in your 6 ml bottle >>
      So you would use 1.33ml's of nicotine in your 6 ml bottle..The rest of the ml's would be a combination of your
      PG, VG, flavorings ect.....

      Example 2 > Turning 18 mg into > 10 ml's of 12 mg e- liquid
      10 ml x 12 mg = 120......... 120 divided by 18 mg = 6.66 ml's
    4. RazorNribbonz
      Hi Jaxx,
      I wanted to personally ty for catching my blunder on breaking down nic mgs :: smile... It has sooo frustrated me I cant access that hackometer lol.. After you posted I sat down at my table with all the printed out versions of many diff formulas.. For over an hr I figured and re figured till all the examples matched... I really want to help a newbie that is like me, more artistic then mathematically inclined..However, I'm now scared to post anything in fear I could make a newbie OD :: laff..Could you check my explanation for me. pleease?I tried to fully explain Because just one thing left out can confuse someone I'm a prime example lol..IM a prime example lol
      Hmm It says my post is too long, so I"ll have to PM you twice..What? me too wordy?! :: look of aol shock..... laff:::
    5. TommyGunBC
      Hey jaxx , just got the parts to make a juicy box . I was wondering if and how you removed the contacts from the first battery slot ?? and did you just use the wires that hang out of the box for the mod ? I want this bad boy up and running soon as all my frigg'n penstyle power sources are dead :(
    6. DaveyRoots
      hey hows it goin jaaxx? have you gotten your sample from liberate yet bro?
    7. ZambucaLu
      That is a blast! LOL

      Hey, did you get your package? Damn track & confirm was worthless!
    8. Vince1
      ATTENTION All Wholey Technofoggers ! To gain entrance into the Great Hall of the Wholey Technofoggers you must click your user profile then click the link under the Wholey Technofoggers symbol. Once there you can post and start threads.
    9. Dr. Russell Fell
      Dr. Russell Fell
      Hey Jaaxx,

      Got your post. One of the three is on its last leg (keeps flashing, problem with the chip so it gives out inconsistent power). Let me know when you want me to send'em.
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