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Dec 7, 2013
Apr 21, 2009
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Unregistered Supplier, from MI USA

ECF Veteran
jaybird was last seen:
Dec 7, 2013
    1. Mr B
      Mr B
      when will the super mini be back in stock i so want one for my collection :)
    2. Barefoot
      Aloha Jay and Sara
      Hoping all's Fine with thee and thine?
      Loving thy XL-Mini - thank thee kindly
      Posted me 1st Youtube review too :blush:
      Are thee making a Kick extension perchance - still haven't had me 'Spare' returned LoL
      wishing fa thee Abundance and Giggles
    3. Akileze
      Thanks for the fast shipping on the body! Greatly appreciated! Now I can VAPE ON!
    4. skye
      Merry Christmas, Jay&Sara! :vapor:
    5. rob87
      i ordered the supermini kit and just recieved it today,thanks for that but the charger didnt come with a cord only the unit...was this a mistake? can you send me the cord that goes with the charger...thanks order number was 1515
    6. jaybird
      It should be in this round of shipping. I have the next 68 orders going out between now and Saturday.
    7. xorn2584
      Hey jaybird:) I ordered a glv2 5v on 9-7 with black starlight body and black lava endcaps,clear coat,batts and charger. Is this color scheme aloud?any idea on how long of a wait I'm in for. My order #1376. Any reply would b greatly appreciated. "Vaping Makes Happy" :)
    8. War Mouse
      War Mouse
      Have a possible fix for the 3 mini kink issue. Posted it in the forum. More details to follow.
    9. syardley
      Do you have a facebook page?
    10. syardley
      Just wanted to say what a great product you put out, and thanks for Sara always answering my emails. Please stay around!
    11. War Mouse
      War Mouse
      Hey Jay. Been a big fan of your work for a while, really solid stuff. Absolutely must have a V3. Saw some posts saying that your going to have a pre-order up, but cant find it. I'll keep looking but if you could point me in the right direction I would love to give you my money....(in exchange for your goods and services.)
    12. rj1
      Jay, I would like t preprder the glv 3 top feed model. i just emailed your site and they said theres a few left almost ready for perorder. I would love to get on the list... You can pm me! My screnname is rj1
    13. leroytwohawks
      Jay, I hope everything is going OK for you. I saw on Easter you said you would be back Monday and see you haven't been online since then. So I just want to make sure everyone is doing OK? I know having a new baby can take it's toll.
    14. tbaker1010316
      thanks for the glv2 its awesome and i will never look back awesome product and very wonderful costumer support i advise anyone that does not have a glv2 to def get to great lakes vapor and purchase your glv2 thanks jay for everything
    15. MatrixTech
      Hi Jay, I ordered the Super Mini and I'm real excited (order 721), Thanks again for all you do, love your design work and concepts.. Vape On!!
    16. jaybird
      sorry Kevin an atty wont hold up very long being baked at 400..iv tried, and its not very pretty lol.
    17. Crimmy
      Jay I was wondering if I was to send you 5 atomizers would you powder coat and clear coat them for me and how much would you charge for that? I wish the powder coat would stick to plastic too.
      Thanks Bud.
      Kevin Lynch
    18. rifleman
      that would be wicked ok with me.
      thanks for your time
    19. jaybird
      You have a pre-order so about 2 weeks or less. You may be upgraded to a GLV2 ....if thats ok.
    20. rifleman
      Hey jay I was just wondering when order #185 would be shipping?
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