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Nov 17, 2020
Jun 30, 2009
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Orange County, CA

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Nov 17, 2020
    1. Rotaryfeen
      Thanks jboze got it back in 2000. Me and a few friends have our own group made up of 6 FC's. I'm on my third motor lol. We do our own motor swops. Got it down to a day to get 1 in and put 1 back with 2 people. Tho I like keeping the power steering and A/C not like the others in the group. Your Celica must have been fun to drive on winding roads.
    2. redrhino
      If you are referring to my Comments that i post.....And the use of emoticons,well I'm sorry that you do not approve.....But the way i chose to respond/reply to a post is my own personnel business/preference....I do not have a problem with you....Never did.... And I certainly don't go around telling members how to post....So as you stated before....Please put me on the ignore list....And before this thing actually gets out of hand....Lets just leave it alone....Thanks you redrhino.....
    3. Lightgeoduck
      hehe Yeah...{insert one of many derogatory remarks here} hehe
    4. Lightgeoduck
      Crash said "it's here it's here" so try it out for us japan folks :D not sure if you remember :D
    5. Lightgeoduck
      Hey Man, Just got a Kensington portable power pack its a nice way to make a passtrough portable
    6. Lightgeoduck
      Alright Man I gotta get some zzzzz I am going to shoot out a test email to see if I didn't do anything ......ed. Later
    7. Lightgeoduck
      Cool I was thinking about Bestecigs for some orders. I am also thinking about another china co., but I am waiting to see if any comments get posted about them
    8. Lightgeoduck
      I was in the Army, but now I am a government employee for the Army doing the same thing. 510 to Kr808 anything is possible---gotta love the KR's cartomizers they are very handy. maybe we can do a swap or something one day. I got extras of stuff laying around.
      where do/did you get your stuff? have you ever tried china? if you purchase elsewhere other than china are the international ship rates killer?

      wow...this definitely wouldn't fly on twitter :p sorry for the shotgun blastoquestions
    9. Lightgeoduck
      Cool. I work on an military installation(American). I Have a Janty Stick using 801/112 atty and a KR808D-1 as well. I even made an ugly atty mod for my JS so i can use my KR cart/atts.
    10. Lightgeoduck
      Ha gotta suck there in the winter? visiting no, but daily commuting yes
      What brings you to Japan? or Japanese?, and if so great English.
      What equipment do you have? Have you ever ordered direct?
    11. Lightgeoduck
      Hi Jb, where in Japan are you? I am about 45min from Tokyo Sagamihara area
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