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Sep 16, 2018
Jan 1, 2010
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Ultra Member, from Corpus Christi, Texas

Verified Member ECF Veteran
jcamacho was last seen:
Sep 16, 2018
    1. TomB
      Hey Jesse, does vapor renu sell a flavor like ry4? Which one is it?
    2. TomB
      Where you is? Video up!
    3. AlmightyGod
      I see you lurking!!!
    4. TomB
      Your box is at the laser engraver!
    5. TomB
      watch the new video!
    6. TomB
      hey Jesse,

      The kingwood will be delivered in about ten days they said. It should be sweet, I never had kingwood before, but they say is super dense and easy to work with.
    7. TomB
      Hey Jesse,

      Got a question about your experience in this forum.
      I wanna follow BadThads advice about this forum updating the opening page with all the current info,
      I don't seem to be able to edit anymore on the front page.
      Is that normal, Do you know?
    8. TomB
      I am making a batch of the new mods. I have 5 woods zebra, paduak, purple heart, tulip, and wenge tell me what you want the body, lid and sides to be. This ones on the house so's I can get 'sttablished and because you appreciate it.
    9. TomB
      I hope you likes it. I was amazed with myself that I made it. Dunno it doesn't look good for sales at this point.
    10. TomB

      I forgot to say before...

      I sent you an high volt atomizer in case you have the batteries and and three bottles.

      If you do want to comment about the box it has to be in the suppliers forum under my thread only or they will ban me. thanks much
    11. TomB
      my email

      send me a message
    12. TomB
      Hey whats your name and your address. I have one of the damn things done and ready to send you. It is super ultra cool. I don't know that I am going to make any more like this beacause it is so small and it is very very time consuming to make. I have five of them right now. I am going to make the next ones bigger for sure.
    13. TomB
      Hey there dude. They approved me being a supplier here at the ecf. I have the next batch comin' along sweetly. I am exited to show you what it looks like. Maybe even tomorrow.
    14. TomB
      I will sell you the first one I make and send you pictures. waiting on parts. I plan to have it for both 6v or 4.2 like you said, but there is an led that lights up the bottle inside that works on either voltage. Also will be protected with an auto resetting overload in case you put the wrong atty on 6v it will trip and protect your atty. Also I will give it to you for 40$ if you agree to review it with your honest opinion of course.
    15. TomB
      Let me know if you want one 6volt or 3.7?
    16. jimho
      Last time I was tested I was a kid.... 160 -
      The spread sheet isn't production but it allows for one price change- In NY we had a hike on 7/1 so I had to build it in... it works...
      Might be easier for me to take it out if you don't need it there....
      LMK if you have any questions- I like to play with these things...
    17. 5cardstud
      I was going to post it the other day but will do so today or tomorrow. Hey check my pictures of Bandit and Matty a breeding pair of Bulldogs we got. They're in the album titled the pack.
    18. 5cardstud
      Yes indeed, I can't live without them. Well I should be posting my new mod tomorrow. It's an adjustable voltage one I've been working on for quite a while. I been using High drains in the Buzz. They're alittle loose but they work fine
    19. 5cardstud
      I'm really sorry JC. Damn this is not funny. You got some really bad luck. Maybe you can have some business with power charge them for you if you dont have a car charger. Just tell them there for a medical device and very important. I wish you the very best of luck. I'll be praying for you.
    20. 5cardstud
      JC did you get your Buzz parts today?
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