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Apr 10, 2012
Jun 4, 2009
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Unregistered Supplier, from USA

ECF Veteran
jeffakamax was last seen:
Apr 10, 2012
    1. thebat1
      How can I contact you with some Chuck questions? I can only find the archived read only forum? Thanks!!
    2. grabeard
      Ok, now that I'm sort of caught up, what are my options? I definately want some.

    3. dpow12
      Hi Jeff,

      When, and if, your Thag'd a Chad becomes available to the public, I would love to place an order! I currently own a Cigtechs' Mantis AND LOVE IT... but in owning a Thag'd a Chad, I might have to handover my Mantis to someone else!

      Keep me posted if your Thag'd a Chad goes into production, as I will certainly be one of the first people that want to place an order!


    4. sachiaiko
      Hey Jeff I sent you a message bout 5 days ago, just checking to see that you got it.

      Be well,

    5. grabeard
      Hi Jeff, I just remembered that I was giving my wife her chuck with 801 adapter on 2/17/11 for our 10th anniversary. Do I need to get something else? We found out yesterday her cancer is back in her liver and one rib, so here we go again.

      Best regards,
    6. DcMagic
      Hey Jeff, Just wanted to make sure that you got my 2 chucks I sent to you, i sent them about 2 weeks ago. Im looking for an estimate when you think you will be able to get them in the mail back to me... I'm dying here smoking these analogues. :x

      -Derek Castillo
    7. derek5L
      Great work!
    8. nopinhead
      Jeff, You sent me the wrong Chuck. I got the one that says MrChris on it. I ordered the one that has the Dont tread on me flag on it. I would like to send the MrChris chuck back to you. Should I use the return address that was on the box it came in?
    9. paco
      jeff i was wondering if that all black matte finish chuck in the pr0n thread on 6-17 is for me, my Email,
    10. hollyp
      Jeff I dropped my chuck and broke the switch. Can you please send me your address so I can send it in for repair?
    11. convict3
      Jeff what is the estimated delivery time for a chuck. I emailed u the kiss grafix
    12. crashtestjeep
      Jeff, the new process looks awesome! The colors look PERFECT!!!! :thumb:
    13. crashtestjeep
      Just a waitin, wonderin, wishin, IN SUSPENSE!!!!



    14. crashtestjeep
      have I mentioned lately that I love you? :D
    15. crashtestjeep
      Jeff, just stopping by to say hello! Hope ur Monday goes fast...:)
    16. Wafflestomper
      Jeff, Thank you so much for taking the extra effort on that Durachuck, that is just fan-freaking-tastic. I will definately be showing that one off for a long time.

      Long life the mighty Thag!
    17. thewomenfolk
      Jeff, I forgot to say I think I want Black Matte but whatever looks best is best so do whatever you think is best and I will do the rest. thewomenfolk (poet)

      I'm a jokester too....just found out today. Do you know what you call a dog that's just had a big dinner? A stuffed animal. hahahahahahahahaha (I made that joke up all by myself)

      Do you think I have a future?
    18. W Axl Rose
      W Axl Rose
      I just sent payment and filled out the form for my chuck. It let me pay the $80 just fine, but when I tried to pay the $5 for the cartomizer adaptor thingie it kept saying their was a processing error. What do I do about that?
    19. Shelbeethehmmrgirl
      I know you are extremly busy but I would like to ask you to help judge the things to do while waiting for a chuck contest if you can just give me the top ten you like then it goes to a popular vote. If you can't I completely understand an I thank you for taking a moment to read this
    20. f4ifrank
      Hi Jeff,

      I put an order in with you yesterday and sent you about 6 emails. I appologize for that, just couldn't decide what I wanted on the chuck. I'm trying to post the pics in the newborn thread but can't. Being able to see what it would look like would be a great help. Can you help?

      Frank Kollig
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