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Sep 8, 2012
Nov 21, 2011
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Sep 8, 2012
    1. LycanHound
      Hey Love. Have sweet dreams of dreams
    2. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Just got done reading a review for the eGo-t, looked like something that would be my style (chain vaping), 900Mah battery helped. Sometimes think some of the review depend on how you vape as well as how the product works.

      I know for the tobacco flavors so far I have found nothing that comes close to a analog. Once in a while still get the craving for one, but not as much since I have been vaping (was worse when I was trying to quit using the lozenges).

      I did get some desert flavors.... lemme see from where.... Parkes Vapors I tried 4 of their "test" batches. I figure a $1 a pop is worth it for something I expect that I might not like. A bit leery of trying flavors. Caramel Cheesecake, Caramel Coffee, Irish Cream Coffee, & Peanut Butter Cup.

      Tobacco Flavors: Juicy Vapors had 3 samples for $8, I got 2 samples (6 bottles) to see if there was a tobacco I would like.
    3. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      The avatar is of "Mr. Cow Meow Meow" (Gateway was a rescue, got him before he went to the shelter) the little fuzzy I am holding on my profile is one of the shelter kittens. I volunteer at the local shelter. I didn't get my cat from there but it's a pay it forward thing. :)

      Also I ordered a bunch of samples and stuff today. Hopefully the eGo-T will get here the same time as the cartos (heard the tank sort of kills the flavor, so I want both :) ). Mostly focusing in the tobacco flavors at the moment. But got a few tester samples of flavors. Hopefully will be posting some reviews of them when they get here.
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      One of the places suggested to me was Virgin Vapor | Electronic Cigarette Organic e-Liquid | Electronic Cigarettes. I'm looking for a more natural taste as apposed to oily/chemical taste that you get in things like flavored coffee. Annette has been really nice with my stupid questions.

      To me organic isn't all that important, taste is. I haven't ordered from there yet but I am planning on it later on today.
    5. robcope
      The smoke 51 isn't the greatest, but it works. It is like my first e-cig, you will find you get tired of charging batteries after a bit. Buy juice and watch youtube video's on how to fill carts. I wish I could recommend juice, but that is an adventure that you need to experience. I am still looking for the perfect juice. A few sites to look at would be, twisted texas,, I have turned it into a hobby and have bought quite a bit of equipment over the past two years. Just an example, I own one of each starter kit from volcano, but primarily use the Inferno. It is my favorite by far. I mod it though with a tube tank, low res atty's and low res cartomizers. We can all give you enough advice to make your head hurt and in the end you just have to find what works for you. I am glad you have joined the adventure and I love to help. I just hope I haven't made it confusing. Please feel free to ask any questions you need to.
    6. robcope
      I would definately go with the eGo because it has 510 connectors and allows so much modding. I am preparing to buy my first big mod and it to will have a 510 connector, so I can use all the stuff I have collected so far. Your next step will be atomizers or cartomizers. The eGo works beautifully with low resistance atomizers and low resistance cartomizers. I prefer to drip so I use the low res atty's for the inferno from When i can drip because of driving or working I use low resistance cartomizers from Low resistance for an eGo is 1.5 to 2.0 ohms. Cartomizers are harder to clean, but really cheap. I just started using them today and they really work well. As I work my midnight shift tonight I will will abuse one, but so far so good.
    7. robcope
      As far as juice goes, I order from to many places to list. I have yet to find that one juice that I just have to have. Just buy US made juice if you can. I am leary about the Chinese juice. No reason, just me I guess. Quality control is just way to important.
    8. robcope
      I would go with an eGo or an eGo clone. I have the inferno from and love it. I prefer to drip so I have some of the low Resistance atomizers and drip tips. But any of the eGo's would work. I just really like Volcano's customer service, it is top notch. They all have 510 connectors, so you will have a plethera of choices as far as add ons. Just remember atomizers and cartomizer do die. In my experience they will last from 1 to 3 months, with the exception of the low resistance atomizers, that can die anywhere from two weeks to a few months. I prefer low res atomizers because you get a better throat hit. If i am going to be somehwere that I can't use dripping I use one of the tank mods from Volcano. You can get the same mod for cheaper from, but again, I really like volcano's customer service, so I paid more for the exact same thing. I like the eGo over the regular 510, the battery life is just so much better. I get about 8 to 10 hours per charge.
    9. robcope
      No, I haven't tried the GS. I started with the Blu E-cig before I found this forum lol. I moved to the standard size 510 and then on to my Inferno (eGo clone). I am buying my first variable voltage mod soon. The GS just has the wrong size connectors, and the carts cost to much. If you see something on here that doesn't make sense, search You Tube and you will learn a ton. The 510 is important, because just about everything works with the 510. The Ego and all it's clones have 510 connectors, so finding things to try is easy. It can be overwhelming, but I enjoy blowing my cigerette money on new gadgets. My step son and I have turned it into a hobby and constantly discuss what to try next.
    10. robcope
      I know there is so much to look at and it is even harder to make a decision. I have tried to many setups to list. No matter what I try I always go back to my Volcano inferno. The mini's will frustrate you. My prefered set up is the inferno with a drip tip. The tanks are ok, but don't give a big throat hit. You will spend some money over the next few months, but don't get discouraged, you'll find what works for you. I like volcano because they have awesome customer service and are quick to answer you questions. I swear I am not affiliated with volcano, just and old disabled vet that likes to help if I can. I am not a pro, but I am a hobbiest and I will answer any questions you have. When you find something you like, check out reviews on you tube. Grimmgreen does some of the best reviews. Be careful, start out slow and you will be amazed.
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