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John D in CT
Last Activity:
Jan 14, 2014
Feb 27, 2012
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Tree feller/climber, woodworker, mechanic, tinkere

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John D in CT

Ultra Member, from Connecticut

Verified Member ECF Veteran
John D in CT was last seen:
Jan 14, 2014
    1. BeeGee56
      Hi John. Finally got around to trying an eGo Twist as per your advice. These things really are the way to go. It's amazing how much difference an additional .2 volts can make. Thanks!
    2. BigWillDogg82
      I guess I was a tad impulsive because the entire matter cleared itself up. There was a Co-Op that I had heard about that I wanted to get in on so I worried myself about it closing before I became verified. I have no idea what I was so worried about since now that I can actually get onto that part of the forum I see they have cycles of open and closed regularly. Thanks again though for getting back to me.

      As far as the vaping, I bought a Provari about 3 weeks ago and love the damn thing! Sure was a little expensive (ecpecially after adding a few tweaks here and there) but I'm more than happy with it. I just don't really know where to go from here though. I've been eyeing a DID, but those are hard to come by. I am also wanting to get an AC9 when it releases this month, but who's to say I'll be able to get one right away. I also see you're still helping the noobs around here. Keep it up, they'll need the help!
    3. BigWillDogg82
      Hey, John D! I've got a question for you. I've set up an account on NetID in order to become a verified member, but eventhough everything checks out verified, for some reason my location says "not verified". Is there a reason you can think of that would cause it to do that? I'm friends with boB and Missy at Kick Bass Vapor and have bought quite an amount of juice from them for a year and a half, would that help me out at all? I'm freaking out here and have no idea of what the hell I shouold do now. I really need to get in on the Co-Op's here, but the info says "ALL" parts HAVE to say "verified".
    4. awsum140
      Thanks John and I wish I had the imagination and humor to come up with it myself.

      Bo, Bomani, is a South African Boerboel (farm dog). He's six now and a lot bigger. He is gentle, with allowances for his size, and loves people. If we're out walking, he loves to make friends, but at home he guards our property like a lion. My wife never had a dog and wanted a big dog and we ended up adopting Bo as an adult from the original breeder. When we brought him home from the breeder, as we drove up the driveway, she looked at Bo, looked at the house and said "We need a bigger house!"

      If peopke don't have a sense of humor, well you know the rest of that one!

      Have fun, laugh and vape yourself into oblivion!
    5. awsum140
      Thanks for the "Like" and the "shout out"! I can't imagine why that term stuck with me like it has.
    6. vsummer1
      Hope you are back soon! You helped me a lot, and I hope you can continue to help others stay on the path as well.
    7. ShogaNinja
      Dude, in response to Glassanoak's clearly capitalist visitor message, tell ME your email address and I will make you FREE DIY juice just to be a jerk and one up Mr. Capitalist Sherman. :) :) Oh yeah, this is what I do, baby!
    8. vsummer1
      Thanks for all the help, I think I have enough information to make a few more mistakes now! The learning curve is starting to straighten out (I hope).
    9. glassmanoak
      I might be interested in making some bvatches of menthol for you. I have been doing DIY for about 8 months and was educated as a mathematician, so I can follow my own calculations.
      Why don't you email me and let me know what you are looking for?
    10. TBinAZ
      Great posts, man. Right there with you. Be sure to let me know if I'm talking out of my rear end. Just 5 months into this. Talking mostly from my experience so far.
    11. acura tech
      acura tech
      How's it goin John
      Thanks for takin the time too provide all that helpful info about dual coils, and ohm's law. It really helped me with the visual on what's really goin on inside the coil. Now i know what needs to be use for every situation, not just blindly tryin things and speculating why its not performing correctly.
    12. Jixchel
      Hey John D, you're suggestion for helping get my son to switch to vaping may just work after all! The power of the purse strings! He was over today (ok actually yesterday, I haven't slept yet lol), and saw me looking at the Reo mod I am looking to purchase. He starts talking about engraving it for me since he is an artist. He starts drawing designs, which he won't let me see, and talking about going to his dads shop to use his lazer thing that engraves stuff (mechanical stuff, I stopped listening for a second). So, I am going to order the Reo he tells me will work the best and pray the kid swipes it from me! As much as he is talking about it this may just work. I'll order 2 and not tell him about the other one LOL Now if this check will clear I can order!
    13. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Hi again

      Seldom do I get to talk a person that truely makes the world a better place. Sadly most folks just live in the world and get by. To realy reach out to people is so rare. It is truely an honnor to converse with you.

      Tomarrow is of coarse independence day. If there is any reason to celebrate this country, it is because people like yourself pull away from the $$$$ to be made with their time and invest it in humanity and its benefit. I do not say this lightly either, or often.

      I myself tried figure out what it is people like yourself do so well so naturaly a few years back. The things that effected me most were always seemingly effortlessly given, no matter how hard the persons effort actualy was.

      I addopted 2 special needs kids. They are the best thing that happend, ever!

      Now I truely know how all that effort is given so effortlessly.

      If it weren't for the John D in CT's of the world, I would just be another person just living in the world getting by.

      stay great
    14. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Pat yourself on the back for being the ECF member we al try to be. Blown away by your helpfull posts to the new vapers.
    15. Browneyedgirl
      Hey, got a link to the new smoktech?
    16. mikkey9
    17. tica02
      I just noticed you were born in Skokie. That's where my husbands aunt lives and my husband is from Round Lake Beach.
    18. Browneyedgirl
      I'll be checking. Did you at least have shoes on for the climb?
    19. Browneyedgirl
      THE Edge of the earth is close, had you fallen off? Texted you several times... Did ya get them? Haven't seen ya,
      Dreeeeeam vapor, I believe you can get me throughout the ni-hiiiight!
    20. frosting
      They another face from CT! There's a group on here just for us if you wanna check it out it should be on my page. Happy Vapin
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  • About

    Tree feller/climber, woodworker, mechanic, tinkere
    Facebook user ID:
    I was born at a very young age, in a log cabin in Skokie Illinois ...

    Either that, or I'm the youngest son of a career Naval Officer, UConn grad, ex-computer programmer, now self-employed for the last 23 years.

    MOVIES, science, cosmology, politics, golf, bowling, dogs


    Antari M-8 fog machine - 110 volts - 1,800 watts - 50,000 CFM
    Backup: Smoktech VMax, Woo, e-Power 14650. Joyetech eGo's, 18650 mod, Twists.
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