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Dec 25, 2013
Jan 27, 2011
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St. Louis USA
VP Global Engineering Services

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Super Member, from St. Louis USA

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JWebb was last seen:
Dec 25, 2013
    1. JWebb
      Thanks I plan to enjoy them a lot, do you like the woodvil more than the Grand, what difference do you see in them, any?
    2. REET_AZ
      I own 4 REOs. A Woodvil, Grand, and two mini's. I carry the two mini's with me everyday. Just to even out the distribution in my purse. :).

      I plan to try for a mini Woodvil also. Just to round out the experience, and because I really would love an Ebony.

      They are a perfect mod for me. Enjoy yours!
    3. wv2win
      I'm still a Darwin guy. I have been using my back-up 5 volt box mod, however, with some dual coil cartomizers as the Darwin will only get to about 4.2 volts on the dual coils. Being an 801 guy I was excited to see that nhaler came up with an 801 dual coil cartomizer which I just ordered. I'm anxious to see how they perform. Ever in search for the "perfect vape", I guess, lol.
    4. JWebb
      Thanks, they got a kick out of it, and I was exhausted!!! LOL, see you later leaving work!
    5. Delilah718
      What a fabulous way to spend the day! :)
    6. Delilah718
      Hi JWebb, passing thru with:
      Have a great weekend!
    7. Delilah718
      I guess.... [​IMG] - but you made it through several airports -- you must have great communication skills :)
    8. Delilah718
      No wonder... that's a lot of traveling. Glad you made it through with your Reo and safe and sound. Must be great to be home :)
    9. JWebb
      Hi, how are you? I have been traveling a lot, Boston, Denver, Houston. Home now. Did Rob have another sale yet? He said he would save me a grand!
    10. Delilah718
      Hi J, How are you? Miss you on the thread :)
    11. Delilah718
      Whew-hew -- I'm so glad you're enjoying the Reo Mini :)
    12. Delilah718
      Hello Jim, welcome to reovil! :)
    13. fairweasel2323
      like ur avatar picture!
    14. stravaigin
      Hi Jim, You're a Reonaut now :)
    15. Curvychic
      Thanks for the nice message! It can get pretty crazy trying to maintain everything, but like you, I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! My sister has 2 boys and works a full time job, plus she just ran a half a marathon and training for a full one. I think it must be in our genes to overfill our plates. Having 2 boys and a full time job is nothing to snuff at either! I'm sure your hands are full too (and occasionally tied up during 'cops and robbers'!) Hahahaha! ;) I switched to vaping for my kids too. We just found out recently that my littlest one has allegeries and asthma. Analogs didn't seem all that important anymore. I hope we both successfully continue on our vaping journies for the kiddos! :D
    16. wv2win
      I vape the Darwin. Best PV I've ever had and I've vaped about 15 different ones. I have a 5 volt box mod as a back up.
    17. wv2win
      Thanks for the concern about the tornados. We were fine other than losing power for a little while. Two weeks ago I was returning from Mobile, AL and had stopped in Greenville, AL when they got hit with a tornado. I got off the interstate and into a hotel lobby and saw the tornado about 2 miles away which is pretty close. It was not a comfortable feeling. But all of us at that hotel were fine. Being a WV guy, tornados were something we never worried about.
    18. sickofanalogs
      Hey J! Now we are friends :) Have a great day!
    19. JWebb
      Thanks for the info ordered the 900mah. Waiting on the Provari, sorry for hte late response had my settings screwed up adn did not see you note!
    20. musiceqlslife21
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    St. Louis USA
    VP Global Engineering Services
    Smoked for many years, now vaping only , I travel a lot and this gives the freedom from depending on cigs and wasting money and saving my health, I have 2 boys and they inspire me to stick around for them.

    travel, history and my children


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